April Special 2021

Sunlight Media provides web development & internet marketing services throughout continental United States


With the advent of new technology, it is quite easy to miss out on esteemed opportunities available. This situation is even worse when one does not have the expertise to tap on these changes. Well, this is the scenario for businesses which have limited knowledge of website development and marketing. We can help you find your perfect partner!

Sunlight Media offers digital marketing and web development services across Los Angeles, California. The company provides trendy, standard and reasonable online solutions to diverse local businesses, corporate companies, state and local government agencies.

The firm’s team combines skilled designers, developers and marketers who have over thirty years of IT experience. Sunlight Media serves some well-known clients like; Los Angeles County (WDACS), USC Los Angeles, Hospitality & Training Academy, Houck Inc, PTVLA, FIDM, Atlantic Records, Gary Numan, Skyline Development, Love the Sea, The Japan Foundation Los Angeles and many more.

All the IT professionals today can help you understand how Sunlight Media can aid establish your online presence, as well as expand and increase your online exposure. Sunlight Media offers a diverse portfolio of services targeted towards government agencies with the experience and personnel to achieve immediate results. The firm’s diverse team consists of multicultural and multilingual members, spoken and written languages include: English, Spanish, Chinese Mandarin, Italian.

Mobile App development

The mobile app industry continues to influence more advances in technology and redirect daily routines and operations within communities and businesses. To list a few, mobile app development integrates more efficient and intuitive designs for users with iOS apps, iPhone apps, Android apps, and web apps. Also, development teams optimize e-commerce, app store, and social media applications for most enterprises. With developer assistance, users and businesses better understand web app development and mobile development processes, which promotes more productivity for mobile app users, entrepreneurs, computer programmers, developers, and enterprises.

For most professionals, an increase in the online presence within the mobile app industry offers more opportunities for mobile users and enterprises. In essence, mobile app developers within an enterprise upscale company performance can provide more products and services for local and global communities on the internet. Most importantly, mobile app developers better communicate and interact with clients on their specific app needs with an emphasis on intuitive & user-friendly mobile app features. Furthermore, it is always beneficial for mobile app users to seek out mobile application development services from development agencies to ensure successful app creation & deployment.

SEO: Internet Marketing Services

Businesses manage online websites to increase business and promote the brand. With an online website, local SEO companies provide more services to potential customers and target audiences and improve company brand through innovations in website development. Professional sites developed by a web design company attract more visitors to sites and encourage more purchases from online traffic. The online marketplace is highly competitive, and more professionals and businesses seek to improve website exposure through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) AKA internet marketing services.

For businesses that favor the idea of higher productivity and the benefits of efficient web design, local SEO, marketing companies offer much online marketing and SEO internet marketing services to clients. To elaborate, marketing teams assist web developers and businesses with numerous SEO services to upscale brand awareness.

More specifically, marketing specialists offer business websites full-service integration of SEO marketing services, digital marketing strategies, email marketing campaigns, and digital marketing campaigns. Moreover, a digital marketing agency focuses its marketing efforts on clients’ objectives and target audiences when connecting multiple marketing channels to websites. In return, cooperation with a local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company enables both small businesses and large businesses more opportunities to promote more business.

Innovative SEO Internet Marketing Services

From the perspective of an online business, traditional marketing strategies do not always implicate more business. Marketing goals differentiate between brands, and digital enterprises rely on innovative internet marketing services to increase brand awareness. For example, online companies require unique search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and software to better promote social media marketing, e-commerce, landing pages, and PPC campaigns. Equally important, online enterprises benefit from improving web design to raise organic searches, click advertising, return on investment, and search engine results.

Reasonably, a local SEO internet marketing service and digital marketing staff offer monthly marketing campaigns to clients to successfully start and grow an online company. Sunlight Media LLC, is rich in experience and values collaboration with clients to provide quality marketing strategies unique to every online web platform.

More importantly, the organization understands that an internet marketing service is an investment, which is why the company offers affordable monthly plans to its clients. From the Sunlight Media website, individuals review various testimonials and case studies that indicate the company as an SEO influencer.  Best of all, there are no long term contracts and cancellations within 30 days written notice is permitted.

Responsive Web Design Services

At Sunlight Media, their number one specialty is professional responsive web design services for businesses in the Los Angeles area and around the world. The company provides custom website design and development, including logo design, graphic design, database development… everything you need to get your business’ website up and running. Its team of experienced designers and developers will ensure you receive a website that fulfills your entire business needs.

Regardless of your intended application, Sunlight Media will provide you with a website that is perfect for your business. Let us know what your objectives are, and the organization will give its expert advice on the best platforms and tools to utilize. It works with a variety of current web technologies, including WordPress Support, Joomla!, Magento, HTML5, WooCommerce, and PHP, just to name a few. The company can integrate any custom web design into the CMS (Content Management System) of your choice.

While it specializes in and generally recommend custom designs for all website projects, it can also work from a template design of your choosing, customizing it to make it truly your own. When choosing a template for a new web project, it recommends taking a look at ThemeForest or WPHub.

Leader’s corner

Angelo Frisina, Founder & CEO, performs a wide array of professional digital marketing & development services across the world. Centered in the Greater Los Angeles area, Angelo firmly understands that his success with clients is based on his inspiration to exceed standard work. His digital marketing business offers professionals seeking the thrill of meeting different clients with distinct project needs. Angelo believes that working closely with the clients, to implement and improve ideas for their projects, allows for authentic solutions. He appreciates the importance of excellent customer service, and continues to demonstrate his understanding of how to strengthen local and international enterprises with innovation and marketing creativity.

Upon his relocation to the U.S, he was able to work closely with Grammy award-winning musicians Kevin Cooper and saxophonist Rick Rossi. Further, Angelo proudly endorses Sabian Cymbals and encourages music lovers to support local live music. His performances include playing at world-renowned venues such as; The Cow Palace, The Playboy Mansion, and House of Blues (San Diego, Los Angeles, and New Orleans).

Our team of marketing professionals are experienced to handle all of your design, development & digital marketing needs.”