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Receive tailor made solutions to cater your unique business needs: Easyray


IT companies focus on developing solutions, and those programs/services are later sold as a single package. Most of the vendors and software developers refer their products as software solutions. In today’s world, anything that uses electricity will have software embedded in it to make it intelligent. Programs are also installed on computers and mobile devices. Identifying a need is an integral part of building software before designing the application and testing it. These are the essential functions that are performed by software development companies. Software products are programs or collection of programs that are capable of being useful to potential customers. Products developed by Software Company have the ability to perform complementary functions, and they are named as companion products.

Software companies are known to develop applications for different types of operating systems, and Easyray is one such company whose expertise is in software development. A group of talented individuals fuels the company’s growth, and they always remain up to date in the field of computer science. They provide a plethora of IT services, and they have a huge amount of experience to excel in every project that they undertake. Easyray can realize any trend, all-round IT services. Their customers are diversified, and their product portfolio includes all the trends, from those of recent years to those present, with an excellent projection to those of the future. The most developed trends of recent times are e-commerce systems, home delivery, booking, and blockchain technology, and all those were processes that tend to be dematerialized. Easyray applies the technology trends that will dominate 2020, from mobile applications to web development, from augmented reality to project management, from training courses to integrated systems, and so on.

In conversation with Antonio Raimondo, CEO, and Founder of Easyray

Q. One thing that users mainly look for, and developers highly fail to meet is flawless user experience. Is your team efficient enough to fill the void?

Easyray is a Company made up of highly motivated professional people who trained and specialized in the best Italian universities such as Sant’Anna and Normale Universities. Therefore we are always up to date in the field of computer science, and we have a huge amount of experience, and we aim to excel in every project. Depending on the sector of the company, on the amount and type of data, and on the processes-to-manage, we will develop an effective and efficient web application that will make a difference. In profile, we would like to highlight all three particular aspects of our company: 1. MULTIVISION: Our group has grown in time and now is not only a group of IT developers and engineers, but also includes personnel graduated in economy and web-marketing. Today we can, therefore, deal with every aspect of the project, both technically and promotionally. 2. SHARING: What makes us a winning team is a strong ability to understand and to share the objectives of our customers: this is the pillar of problem-solving. 3. FAST THINKING: The agility of our structure guarantees an extremely rapid quality service suitable for the customer’s needs. This makes us become the reference point of the customers in a constantly changing market.

Q. Talking about security threats, does your company ensure security measures throughout the development process?

Easyray is GDPR certified, to best comply with all indications in terms of security and privacy. There are strict protocols that regulate all development processes, with controlled access to all the resources and components of a given project. All aspects of security are highly monitored and continuously updated throughout the company.

Q. Artificial Intelligence is the new buzzword. Do you think AI has a good role to play in your field?

We apply the technological trends that will dominate 2020, such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and big data analysis, exploiting the best technologies available and suitable for specific situations. We have started to study artificial intelligence since we only heard about it to find ways to make the most of it, especially in the development of our applications and management systems. Our apps are aiming above all to simplify the work of our customers, to replace them so that their business becomes more efficient and faster, making the most of all that technology makes available to us. Our products aim to “replace” all those steps that would be much longer and more laborious if humans made them in everyday life.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

We continuously work on innovative projects, even if inserted in everyday situations, but faced with cutting-edge technologies. We could mention an innovative messaging system that allows the possibility of timing the messages that will automatically be sent on the set dates and times. Or we could mention a complete tool that will enable users to be able to create their own clothes, shoes, accessories, and send them to companies able to make them. Also to be remembered is a telemedicine platform that allows consultations and online visits between doctor and patient, the possibility of creating recipes for medicines on the platform itself and these being automatically sent to the reference pharmacy, being able to consult your medical record by the patient and to be able to ask doctors for consultations and opinions from other doctors.

Leader behind the success of Easyray

Antonio Raimondo, CEO & Founder of Easyray, is a project manager and software engineer, graduated from the prestigious University of Pisa. In 2001 he formed the first team to develop applications in ASP, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, C and C ++ and in 2006 Antonio and his team became part of the University of Pisa as a highly qualified ICT group that deals with project planning and digitization. They created the UniPOS system (to digitally archive the results of university exams), which has become the official system of the University of Pisa, Milan, Brescia and Alma Mater in Bologna. In 2008 Antonio and the group were acquired by the Pisa Research Consortium (CPR) and became the IT department for members (Tuscany Region, Province and Municipality of Pisa, University of Pisa, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Scuola Normale Superiore, CNR, etc.) and in December 2012 they separated from the CPR, becoming an independent brand. Easyray has continued its collaboration with the University of Pisa and is still working with CPR members on over 20 projects and has a portfolio of over 60 private companies.