May Edition 2021

Technisys – Helping America’s banks and financial institutions offer safe, affordable products that meet widely-recognized National Account Standards


Digital banking is the new best thing that could have happened to mankind. In fact, not only has it provided a means of convenience for today’s banking times, it has also helped individuals to go paperless. Through Digital Banking, individuals can now easily make transactions, check their account balance or even make transfers just with a single click of a button on their smartphone, desk top or any other digital device. No more requesting or looking over paper statements or withdrawal slips, any longer.

Digital banking has become a boon at a time where travelling to the bank for a simple task of transferring funds was a challenge. Now people can save on the travel time and conveyance money. Moreover, it has become highly convenient for working class, elderly people, to carry out their bank work from the comfort of their homes. Through digital banking, you no longer need to wait for the bank working hours to carry out any bank work. Everything is at your finger tip and banking is now made easy with digital banking.

Technisys is the innovative digital banking technology company helping established banks to transform to digital. It is also helping neo banks and fintech companies jump-start. The company offers a white label digital banking software platform that helps banks, both digital and traditional to increase sales, differentiate through customer experience and be efficient. Technisys is now serving more than 50 banks and fintechs touching more than 100 million end users. The company has strong investors including Riverwood, Alta Ventures, KaszeK Ventures, Oria Capital, and Endeavor Catalyst.

Industry Leading Digital Banking Solutions Furnished by Technisys

Cyberbank Core: It is the next generation core banking platform that enables retail and commercial banks to accelerate their digital banking efforts and future-proof their businesses. With Cyberbank Core, banks and FIs can create new and innovative products and services based on powerful parameterization tools and a library of ready-to-use capabilities. Cyberbank Core makes it easy to add capabilities, define behaviors and change the product structure quickly and easily by using business-oriented tools and its powerful, parameter-based Product Factory so you can accelerate the time for launching new products. Cyberbank Core is designed to automatically expose your business services, enabling banks to build a reliable and strong ecosystem with frictionless and rapid integrations.

Cyberbank Digital: It enables you to create a digital ecosystem and build exceptional empathic banking experiences for your customers. A powerful and flexible BPM engine that lets you model your business processes, express them in BPM standard notation and integrate them into every platform capability. Connect your owned channels with third-party channels. Browse, discover and try new APIs. It is designed to be used by any team, partner and developer in your ecosystem. Innovative software provides multi-factor and multi-channel authentication services, allowing applications to support several authentication types.

Cyberbank Digital Wallet: Customers want a fast, easy-to-use, secure and seamless payment experience. Cyberbank Digital Wallet allows them to pay for purchases worry-free, without hassles and safely. You can leverage Technisys Cyberbank platform’s capabilities focusing on innovation, using its cutting-edge technology and superb design. It enhances the user experience with new technologies including voice and gestures. It also increases customer satisfaction and loyalty with an adaptive UI that enables you to put your customers in control of their own digital experience.

Cyberbank Safeway: Cyberbank Safeway is a centralized software credential manager that provides multi-factor and multi-channel authentication services, allowing applications to seamlessly support several authentication types. The solution implements a connector-based extendable architecture that allows it to interact with internal and external credential providers. Cyberbank Safeway easily handles multiple types of credentials. The software provides Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) capabilities by combining different authentication credentials types. Depending on the credential linked to a specific user, Cyberbank Safeway can provide 1 FA, 2 FA and 3 FA. It also offers services like profiling, geolocation, scheduling, notifications, auditing, authentication, authorization, and more.

Miguel Santos, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

“Technisys can help you increase your business while enhancing your customers’ experience and responding to rapidly changing market demands.”