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The IT Knowledge Hub of yesterday, today and tomorrow: Knowledge Hub Media


Principles are the territory Values are maps. When we value correctprinciples, we have truth – a value of knowledge of things as they are.” – Stephen R Covey

West Chester, PA-based Knowledge Hub Media started out as a network catering to IT Professionals and Decision Makers back in 2009, and today, helps business professionals find useful insight and analysis on the most current topics within their industry – now, across all job functions (not just IT). Over the years, the company has expanded into several other verticals aside from technology, including: Customer Service, Executive Management, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Operations, Sales, Software Development and more.

Choice based diverse offerings
A well-known and respected company in the B2B lead generation and demand generation space,
Knowledge Hub Media has served hundreds of clients by leveraging their white papers, webinars and content to generate sales qualified, call ready leads. With specialties that include Lead Generation, Content Syndication, Social Media Marketing, Branding and Email List Rentals, Knowledge Hub Media has a strong grasp on the B2B Advertising game. What’s more, is that the privately held company has the ability to micro-target lead generation campaigns – generating leads for clients that are made up of very specific job titles, company sizes, industries and install bases. They also have the ability to target areas all over the world, generating leads across almost every geographic region imaginable.

The team at Knowledge Hub Media can effectively target every country in the world to engage in lead generation (save Japan), and can promote each client’s offer(s) in the native language of their choice, while ensuring completion of all of its lead generation / demand generation campaigns on time as well! “We don’t ever “over-promise and under-deliver,” and all leads are delivered within the campaign’s agreed upon flight dates,” added Founder & CEO, Paul Guenther.

Serving advertising agencies, technology, and software companies located in the USA, APAC, EMEA and LATAM regions, Knowledge Hub Media has a global approach to its business strategy. And from Fortune 100 firms to SMBs, the company has served the needs of clients such as IBM, Symantec, Adobe, NetSuite, Red Hat, Esker, Ultimate Software, and many others. Currently focused on increasing their targeting with “BANT” Lead Generation Campaigns – and rolling out promotions in the Japanese Market – the company is sure to continue its approach as a B2B market lead­er, with its ability to run promotions across the entire globe, and consis­tently complete its projects on time.

“Our customer satisfaction rate is currently greater than 99%! And in the rare cases where we do run into hiccups along the way,we always make good on our campaigns –which are all 100% guaranteed.”

Founder & CEO Paul Guenther is a lifelong entrepreneur, and owner of multiple advertising and media companies. He received his undergraduate degree from Penn State University in 2006, followed by a MBA in Marketing Management from Wilmington University in 2010. He is currently completing his Doctorate in Business Administration and his business research dissertation.

“We utilize our customer’s white papers, webcasts, eBooks, and other assets to generate highly qualified sales leads; based on the specific software and/or service based solution(s) offered by each of our clients.Eachclient’sinternal salesforce then contacts the leads that we have generated to (1) gauge their interest in the solution that they are offering/selling, (2) get them into the automation platform and/or sales pipeline, and (3) ultimately close the deal.”