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The Latin American Pioneers of VoIP Technology and IoT/m2m Market Experts in Brazil

thesiliconreview-daniel-tibor-fuchs-founder-datora-telecom-2018The journey of Datora started with three brothers; Daniel Tibor Fuchs, Tomas Henrique Fuchs and Raul Fuchs, and their associate Samy Uziel who bought a computer school franchise in 1993, in Brazil. Since Brazil was gradually getting into microcomputers, students were curious about where to buy computers. And it was a new business opportunity for the Fuchs brothers and Samy to sell Personal Computers to the school students and to the public.

In 1995, the trio and their associate transformed the computer store venture into a computer wholesaler, which helped them get closer to the international relationships and events. In 1996, while attending a computer fair in Las Vegas, they had their first contract with VoIP (Voice over IP) technology and they compared the cost and technology with current options in the Brazilian market. To operate this technology in Latin America, four of them decided to break down all the barriers and transform Datora. So, after finding the niches and ways to buy and sell services, in 1997 Datora Telecom was founded.

Proving Worthiness

Starting a business in Brazil is a challenge by itself and to survive the initial phase is always stressful and complicated.

As many people prefer to shop at known places and not to risk in a venture with a small company that is not known in the market, winning relevant customers was one of the biggest challenges Datora Telecom witnessed. The brothers had to struggle with financial issues and were seeking the support.

Compared to the Datora Computer Store venture, Datora Telecom was a very different and difficult segment; it affected them with business and high investments needs.

Over the years, the company has a very close relationship with its top priority - its customers. And Embratel being Datora Telecom’s first big customer, it was one of the most important and difficult steps for the company to prove its worth; that even a small family business can evolve and support a giant’s need. From that point, everything changed and the company was witnessing more growth, more revenue and much more new types of challenges.

Today, Datora telecom is one of the leaders that operate in the communications market, providing efficient termination, transportation and outsourcing services for its clients with the most modern technology available. The company has accumulated experience in the provision of services to the largest Brazilian telecom operators, with operations in Portugal, Madrid, Miami, and Rome, Guatemala and in more than 14 Brazilian cities. With a capacity for thousands of simultaneous calls in its network, Datora Telecom is ever-ready to offer the best.

“If we need to compare Datora with the environment, we see us as a forest. Yes, there are risks and there are challenges in our path, but, as a forest do after a fire, Datora always find a way to grow year after year, increasing its importance in the communication sector, not only with volume but with our innovative ideas and contributing to society in general: The future is now” 

Nurturing the Company Culture

To remain competitive and perform with corporate excellence, everyone at Datora follows the principles and guidelines of the company. Aligned with the Mission, Vision, and Values, the company takes sustainability principles into account in its decision-making and constantly embeds them in the company’s strategies and actions in the market.

Datora has developed a long-lasting relationship with its customers. The company always follows the fundamentals; professionalism and dedication, when it comes to maintaining a relationship with a client, or about the ethics and transparency.

In a market where many companies come and go very fast, consistency is a key factor. While many companies focus only on short-term goals, Datora believe in consistency, which makes a tremendous difference in building trust and reputation.

Contributing to the society not only with goods or money but also with personal time was always a priority for the Fuchs brothers. And the company promises to contribute to deepened these actions and bring even more return to the community.

Marking Its Territory

Datora Mobile was the first Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) focused in M2M and IoT in Brazil and Vodafone has identified a great opportunity to create service differentiation using local expertise. So, Vodafone established a market partnership agreement with Datora, giving rise to Vodafone Brazil. And today, Datora has all capabilities that network core and IT systems use to connect millions of things over the most variety segments leveraging and transforming businesses.

Committed to innovation, MVNO market is the future thing for Datora and the company has a lot of new products to roll-out for the near future. The new products and services are much focused on transforming the current services; using automation, new ways to bill and charge, new platforms to add features, new protocols, and new value-added services.

The Magnificent Trio

Daniel Tibor Fuchs, Tomas Henrique Fuchs, and Raul Fuchs are the founders of Datora Telecom.

“We distinguish ourselves by ensuring the highest level of accuracy of our end product, and by committing to a timely delivery of our services. Since the company started we learned far more than we could possibly have imagined and we are still learning.”