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The Most Authentic Unification of Nature with Research: VITANA X


“A high and noble goal of VITANA X is to always lead central issues such as humanity and being-for-each other’s at the forefront.”

Biochemical research tends to move forward at an uneven pace that depends on the development of new technologies, on the novel insights of investigators involved, and even on the vagaries of the funding sources available for research projects. Nowhere is this more evident than in the area of mitochondrial research.

Mitochondria are receiving increased attention from investigators with varied interests and backgrounds. Novel techniques are now being used to study both mitochondrial structure and functioning, and these methods are leading to a redefining of long-held views about the basic biology of the organelle.

Given the preceding, we’re overwhelmed to present VITANA X.

VITANA X is one such firm focusing on one of the most vital organelles of the human body – the mitochondria. VITANA X is the unification of nature & research. It has set itself the explicit goal to make the most precious treasures from the untouched nature accessible to as many people as possible. All products are subject to unmatched quality standards and are tested regularly for purity and quality. VITANA X works with world-renowned manufacturers and laboratories to ensure the highest level of innovation in research in the future.

The VITANA X product effect focuses on the human cell and its fascinating “drive cores” - the so-called mitochondria. Recent achievements in the field of science show wholly new and completely natural possibilities of strengthening and revitalizing the human organism from within - at the cellular level.

In conversation with Bernhard Sammer, Co-founder and product developer VITANA X

Q. What does VITANA X stand for?

Our name symbolizes the union of nature and research. The leading cause of premature aging and most chronic diseases is always the same: the separation and turning away from nature. VITANA X aims to inspire and help rejuvenate and strengthen the organism, taking into account the latest research and scientific findings. We work with the world’s leading experts, researchers, and institutes, who use their knowledge and insights to learn from nature and to provide the very best for us. It’s just amazing what is possible then.

Q. How does it feel to be the co-founder and product developer of a new wellness group called “Vitana X”?

I’ve been in a high position to work for some of the world’s most successful corporations, and I’ve seen how fascinating the healthcare industry can be. Now is the time that I will use this experience and follow my inner conviction to go one more step further here — true “anti-aging” based on highly scientific and equally natural products. The result is more energy, health, beauty, youth, and joie de vivre.

Q. How do you evaluate the DNA research, gene analysis, and bioavailability of your products?

Together with a perfect friend, we started to develop extraordinary genetic tests several years ago and to improve them continually. It’s just fascinating to see what you can do when you connect the right people. Today we work with some of the most experienced experts in the field.

This way, VITANA X enables our customers to obtain an incomparable, highly sensitive, and detailed evaluation that provides numerous improvements in all areas of life. Especially, our new, liquid cell formulas have a traceable effect with a bioavailability of more than 96%.

Q. What are the exclusive procedures you use at VITANA X to test the bioavailability?

We work together with an award-winning Swiss institute, which succeeded in significantly improve the miraculous process of so-called micellization/Phase separation in 2018. This method initially brings fat-soluble vitamins and substances that have a very low bioavailability into a so-called “encapsulated” state.

This achieves a high thermal, mechanical, sensory and microbiological stability of the individual molecules. The ingested substance is now “cell-like” and can pass through the stomach / intestinal passage without being destroyed or altered by the stomach acid. The effect of this “water-soluble” dosage form has been scientifically proven with studies and now allows a much better result in absorption. VITANA X has now entrusted with the development of various vitamin, mineral, and protein products.

Q. What is your opinion on ‘tailored nutrition’? What important role does it play?

With the feedback from the personal gene analysis, we can now offer our customers targeted and highly precise advice, e.g., which vital substances should be substituted, or how to improve your sleep, faster weight loss, how to increase your energy and awareness. And while we offered combination vitamin products in blind flight years ago, so to speak, today we can start precisely where it is effective immediately. In the lead time to VITANA X, we’ve worked closely with many successful and well known athletes, including famous Olympic champions and multiple world champions, and today provide a unique set of data and feedback that make our evaluation and personal guide unique.

Q. Can you tell us about the most exciting product ‘REVIVAL by VITANA X”?

The message of REVIVAL is a clear challenge to an unmanageable market, which is flooded with infinite energy and sports drinks - and has little to do with real health and fitness. Thanks to the latest research and high technology, we have been able to develop a lifestyle drink that not only tastes unique but also provides ingredients that support our cells from the inside out. Science meets lifestyle - 100%!

REVIVAL by VITANA X will undoubtedly reach many people. And the exciting thing about the product is its taste, for which it got awarded. What can I say about the palate, it is utterly addictive!

Q. VITANA X is currently active in Central Europe. What are your plans for expansion? When can we expect you in the US?

We have countless inquiries from the US. We follow an evident and structured process, which, of course, also envisages the USA as a robust market in the coming year. Of course, our mission is of global value and should give millions of people access to great products.

Are there any new product(s) to be launched?

We have other unique products in preparation that did not exist in this form before. We’re also focusing in the areas of weight loss, cosmetics, dental care, and much more. And again, it is the science that enables us to make our way to the wonders of nature. I cannot say more, except that it will change a lot in the market. Be curious!

VITANA X aims to inspire and help rejuvenate and strengthen the organism, taking into account the latest research and scientific findings.”