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The Numero Uno of Diverse Types of Payment Processing Services: Chosen Payments


“We are dedicated to making a difference in payment processing services by taking a partnership approach. Chosen Payments is not only a partner but a business consultant for merchants nationwide that accept electronic payments.”

Our world had evolved into a technological marvel and it shows no signs of slowing down. Same goes for the payment industry; the new technology has made accepting credit card payments easier than ever before; but with new advancements come new challenges, especially when it comes to eCommerce. One of the key challenges facing online business owners is the dreaded chargeback that can add incredible costs that can add incredible costs and damage consumer trust as well as the growing number of credit card frauds.

Headquartered in Moorpark, California, Chosen Payments takes pride in being able to help Merchants save money while growing their business. The leading experts in credit card processing, check processing, gift/loyalty, ATM, merchant cash advance, mobile applications and other payment processing and financial services, Chosen Payments was founded by Jeff Brodsly in 2008.

Set up with the merchants in mind, the company’s focus is being your “partner in success”; meaning, Chosen Payments treats each and every relationship like a true partnership, using its decades of industry experience to facilitate growth for the merchants. The firm emphasis on ways to increase revenue by cutting expenses, using value-added payment processing services, and by driving more success to its partners.

With office locations in Utah, Michigan, Kansas, Massachusetts, and Georgia, Chosen Payments’ Team is fluent in 7 different languages.

The Incredible Odyssey of Jeff Brodsly and the Idea That Sparked Chosen Payments

Jeff Brodsly’s entrepreneurship spirit began in 1996 when he started high school at Moorpark High School, California. Jeff was involved in a Business Academy within the high school and helped lead the academy. He was influential in recruiting other students to be a part of it and became an innovative driving force within the academy. This gave Jeff a burning desire to lead others to success, a trait he carries with him to this day.

The success of others would become the standard for the future Chosen Payments and the motto of Chosen Payments, “Your Partner in Success” and the concept of this was created by Jeff Brodsly within the Business Academy at Moorpark High School.

Jeff’s dive into the credit card processing business was quite by circumstance after watching a good friend of his start a company with some other young friends right out of college. Seeing them succeed inspired the then 23-year old Jeff to enter the realm of business. Jeff got involved in real estate but unfortunately, the real estate market crashed and he had to refocus on something new.

After a family friend got involved in credit card processing, Jeff saw the opportunity for making a lot of money in the payment arena. He investigated the industry and noticed a fun way to make money and save people’s money. The sky was the limit in his mind since anyone in America that accepted credit cards was a target. Although, Jeff enjoyed his work at the real estate he decided to quit the industry in 2008 and focus solely on credit card processing. This paved the path for Chosen Payments.

Industry Obstacles Answered

Chosen Payments works with numerous software companies in the industries it serves to integrate credit card processing with existing software applications allowing its merchants to seamlessly use one system to manage their business, including processing credit cards, setting up recurring payments for industries such as chiropractic and jewelers who use this feature.

The limo industry is rife with chargebacks and billing disputes and Chosen Payments maintains a team to help them fight chargebacks and the company has a success rate of winning 9 out of every 10 disputes in the favor of its merchants

Chosen Payments: Established With the Merchant in Mind

Chosen Payments has selectively and strategically aligned itself with various vertical markets including the ground transportation industry such as charter bus companies, limo services, black car services and shuttle companies. The firm is also immersed in the funeral care industry serving funeral homes, cemeteries and cremation facilities. Chosen Payments dominates the payment arena for these two industries where it is the only known name as the go-to credit card processor.

The company serves many other markets as well and is also the official credit card processor for the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) and process credit cards at all tracks, concession stands and ancillary sales such as tires for a dragster. This is an exclusive relationship. Other standout industries include Uniform Retailers, Jewelry Stores, Auto Dealerships, and Chiropractic Care among others.

Brodsly says, “We dominate the markets we serve through sponsorship of every industry show as well as hosting a “Legendary Party” at each major trade show with an open bar, food and plenty of networking for the respective industries. We advertise in trade publications and are frequently called upon to speak at industry conferences about everything from fraud prevention to getting the lowest processing rates and fighting a chargeback (customer credit card dispute).”

Standing Tall Among Competitors

Within each vertical Chosen Payments serves, the firm hires people who have worked in those industries and who have a true understanding of the intricacies of their respective specialties. Chosen Payments knows the lingo of each industry it serves. The company knows that funeral directors refer to a deceased person as a “case” and that their customers are called “families” rather than customers. Chosen Payments not only sponsors educational sessions at conferences but attends them to keep current on their concerns.

Brodsly explained, “When the National Limousine Association hosts a “Day on the Hill” in Washington, DC, we don’t just sponsor it. We walk the halls of Congress with members of the NLA. We set up appointments for the NLA with our friends in Congress. In other words, we roll up our sleeves and work on behalf of the industries we serve. One motto we use is we are not just a credit card processor.”

Chosen Payments Holds All Aces

Here is a list of Chosen Payments’ stunning achievements:

  • 9 Years and running BBB Rating of A+
  • Most Prestigious Award in Industry “Presidents Club” won in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, & 2017
  • 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year Moorpark CA
  • World’s Largest Processor Advisory Board Member

The Future Vision

The firm takes pride in what it does and its focus is improved productivity, seamless transactions, and increased value. Chosen Payments will continue to expand into carefully selected vertical markets. Expansion plans include hiring personnel previously employed in the targeted industries that are familiar with industry trades shows, associations, and key players. The firm will also continue to open sales offices across the country to serve its clients on a regional basis and maximize personnel attending trade shows within their geographic territories.

Clients Rave About Chosen Payments

“I can’t stop saying this....but, thank you! I ran credit cards this weekend and Monday morning the money is in my account. It’s amazing! I don’t know how to thank you, guys. You work so hard and now I’m finally seeing more money in my bank account! My bills are getting paid on time again too. You guys have really saved my company!”

- Charles Kuritz, Westfield Limousine Service

“I love the work that you and your Chosen Team have proven time and time again that you all are committed to our industry and your clients. You guys rock as our credit card processor!”

- Nancy Vargas – DH2 Chauffeured Transportation

“Brad asked me to trust him so I did, and I must say I am saving more money than promised. I am glad I gave them a chance.”

- Hiroshi P – Cayman Rentals

“Great service and helping me grow my store, are the major reasons for signing up with you. So far so good and I like the iPhone deal!”

- James P - Baskin Robins

The Mastermind behind the Masterstroke

Jeff Brodsly, President, and CEO: Jeff founded Chosen Payments in 2008 with a vast knowledge of the merchant service industry. He started from the ground up as a merchant-level salesperson and evolved his experience into founding one of the nation’s most prestigious processing companies. Prior to founding Chosen Payments, Jeff spearheaded the growth and sale of two other merchant service companies. Through his innate ability to develop long-term and trusting partnerships, Jeff invests most of his time overseeing the company while maintaining a hands-on approach to the Chosen staff, clients and partners. In 2013, Jeff received Entrepreneur of the Year in Moorpark, Calif., home of Chosen Payments corporate headquarters.

“Chosen Payments has been recognized as an industry leader. We have leveraged our reputation, values, and passion for creating a company that stands by what we say.”