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Transforming DevOps to Achieve Excellence: HATech LLC

thesiliconreview-jon-hathaway-founder-ceo-hatech-llc-18Starting a company is easier than running it. No matter what industry a new company belongs to, it will always face competition and challenging market scenarios. There are numerous firms that specialize in helping other corporations grow and consolidate their position in the market. Consultancy firms that help corporations drive growth utilize a range of software suites to leverage accurate business intelligence. Business consultancy is in itself a massive global industry that rakes in several billion dollars every year. Such firms use a wide array of techniques to assess their clients’ market scenario and provide competitive solutions on how to bolster performance and achieve greater sales. One such technique is called DevOps.

DevOps is a combination of software development and information technology operations. The singular purpose of this process is to shorten the time required to move a project from the conception stage to production and delivery. A company based in Las Vegas, Nevada aims to leverage the full scope of DevOps to help corporations grow and capture a major share of their respective markets. Founded by a self-taught stalwart who shunned college, HATech has already built an impressive customer base that consists some of the most well-known companies.

The Execution of DevOps           

While most consultancy firms carry a thorough investigation about why companies fail or how they could have done better, HATech prefers a more holistic approach. Where others optimize the process of research & development, conception & design, production and delivery, HATech aims to target the culture of their client. This one of a kind consultancy firm believes that company culture plays a major role in the efficiency and ergonomics.

CEOs of large corporations try to expand their company’s offerings in a bid to try and capitalize on the latest market trends and customer preferences. HATech however, does not prefer to diversify or move away from their area of focus. The company’s singular point of interest is to find ways of improving their client’s production and sales.

Secure and Cohesive Operation

This decade has seen a sharp increase in the popularity of cloud computing and cloud-based services. Several companies have sprung up in an effort to try and make the most of the ongoing popularity of cloud computing and HATech is no different. By developing and expanding their SaaS (Software as a Service) offerings, this company has enabled its clients to discover appropriate services as well as store all of their mission-critical data in a secure repository. Moreover, the company believes in operational transparency and implements relevant practices across its clients’ processes to ensure transparency. No two companies are the same. The requirements of companies in any given sector are different and HATech needs to develop different DevOps models to suit the requirements of each of its clients.

This increases the learning curve of the team at the company and HATech has come up with an innovative way to leverage this growing pool of experience. The company has come with a unique subscription service in which their customers would have access to all the DevOps models developed for all the clients. What’s interesting about this idea is that this repository of knowledge and experience is ever growing, which means that as HATech takes on more customers, the more it will learn and hone its skills, simultaneously enriching their offerings and allowing clients to learn from successes. HATech follows the mantra that DevOps is not a service, but a culture that corporations must adopt.

Learning from Adversity

The founder of the company, Jon Hathaway lived through the dot-com bust of the late nineties and the global financial recession stemming from the United States housing crises in 2008. This is one of the things that HATech strives to prepare their clients to defend for. After the dot-com bust several internet corporations saw their fortunes dwindle and fade away in a very short time span. The ill-effects of the financial recession of 2008 rippled across many countries and affected several industries, corporations as well as entire countries, all of whom have only recovered only a few years ago. HATech wants to bring about a DevOps technique where their clients are not only prepared for fierce competition, but also for unforeseen market circumstances.

Unlike most corporations that employ an entire team solely dedicated to sales and marketing, HATech maintains no such team and relies on their clients for the advertising. The company has experienced considerable growth because of their clients recommending them to others in the business community. One could call this as advertising through word of mouth, only, at the corporate level. A sizeable reputation built on such a strategy speaks volumes of the quality of HATech’s market winning services.

Meet the bold CEO of HATech, Jon Hathaway

Jon Hathaway is the Founder and CEO of HATech LLC. Originally from the UK, Jon moved to Las Vegas to bring his technical vision to the Gaming Industry. Jon says moving from the UK to Las Vegas was a challenge, mainly due to the difference in culture. He learned to adapt to the environment and just how important culture is to the success of a business and a person.

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