August Special Edition 2021

VFP Consulting – Creating value for companies through recommendations, best practices, process improvement, and operational efficiency


VFP Consulting implements business software within the Salesforce ecosystem. They specialize in the suite of products offered by FinancialForce, and are known around the world for its team of highly motivated ERP experts. As Salesforce and FinancialForce partners, their vision helps companies get the best return on investment from their platform. The company’s Passion is to use technology and process together to make a meaningful, fiscally measurable difference for its clients, so their companies can scale at the same rate as their goals.

Revolutionary Financial Management Solutions Delivered

FinancialForce accounting implementation: VFP Consulting provides seamless FinancialForce accounting implementation on Salesforce. Its implementations are successful because of the business-process-first approach. They don’t squeeze outdated processes into the application; they ensure accounting and finance workflows are thoroughly reviewed and refined for integrity and scalability before the set up process begins. This approach minimizes implementation speed bumps that add to project scope and cost.

Although the company is specialized in FinancialForce management implementation they are business process experts first. Your business will benefit from years of financial management implementations across industries. Best practices, real-world experience, and their clients, have taught them what works. Its exacting standards and testing methods result in accounting and finance implementations that will work now and grow with your business in the future.

Quote to Cash: If you want to track your business transactions from estimate to sale to cash in the bank – then an integrated ERP solution on the leading single platform is the answer. Salesforce quote to cash solutions with integrated FinancialForce tools will enable you to streamline and track your product and service offerings and outcomes.

VFP Consulting provides complete quote to cash consultation and implementation services that fit the way you do business. They evaluate and refine business processes and implement solutions that work for you. Its Salesforce quote to cash implementations and deep business process knowledge help the clients achieve success. The company follows best practices, draw on its extensive platform experience, and most importantly, know how to avoid implementation pitfalls and gaps thanks to its business-process-first approach.

Professional Services Automation: VFP has worked with Professional Services businesses for more than 20 years, and have become passionate and skilled process experts. By leveraging the power of the Salesforce cloud platform with FinancialForce PSA can help streamline your delivery processes and configure the right technology components for your business. FinancialForce PSA is the leader in the cloud professional services space due to its depth of functionality and flexibility. With the experience and skill offered by the VFP Consulting team, they work hand in hand with you to gain maximum efficiency for your business based on best practices. As your business and processes grow and evolve, FinancialForce PSA can flex and grow with you.

Cloud ERP: If your business is considering cloud ERP implementation services, let VFP Consulting business process experts guide you every step of the way from initial consultation to launch. While they are expert ERP consultants, the real value of working with VFP is the business process expertise. A successful ERP implementation depends on a rock solid foundation of thoroughly tested workflows.

The company don’t copy the way you operate your back office business and replicate existing steps as-is into a new system, it brings best practices consulting to guide you toward industry leading approaches. They know the software inside and out and how to best leverage its functionality to help you manage your business today, and evolve with you as you scale and grow.

Leading from the front: Stephanie Picardi, CEO of VFP Consulting

Stephanie Picardi is the Chief Executive Officer of VFP Consulting. A sought-after enterprise management consultant with a 13-year history working with global Fortune 500 companies, Stephanie has a deep and well-recognized expertise in the quote-to-cash, ERP, and financials space. Focused on partnerships and long-term line of business growth at VFP, her passion for great consulting and business process is driving incredible growth for the company as well as VFP customers.

Ask Stephanie what she does and you’ll hear “all the things” – meaning taking care of the team, the company, and her many Salesforce and FinancialForce friends, partners, and colleagues.

“Our relationships with our customers and team members are guided by the core principles behind our name: Vision, Focus, and Passion.”