November Special Edition 2022

VictoryXR – Bringing a more immersive way for students to learn through virtual and augmented reality


The educational institutions across the world are changing their traditional methodologies of teaching. Virtual Reality and augmented reality are the primary defining facets of this revolution. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have changed the way in which teachers and students tend to learn.  Even though EdTech is a harbinger of a plethora of technologies not much has changed when it comes to the staple technologies that are being used, however Virtual and Augmented Reality are the core pathbreakers in redefining the role of tech in the education industry. The most enticing part about the inclusion of AR/VR aspect in the education technology is the wide spectrum that it covers. The usage of AR/VR is not limited to a fixed age group. It is open to all types of age groups.  It can be very well concluded that experiential learning is the most effective method of learning. AR ad VR promotes a proprioceptive mode of learning by providing schools with engaging and developing comprehensive immersive learning experiences that will be managed across the classroom.

VictoryXR is one of the world leaders in virtual reality educational product development. Since VictoryXR’s founding in 2016, online education has rapidly grown in the United States and across the globe. Unfortunately, the traditional classroom has not adapted to online education. In the current form, online students find learning difficult, passive, and unenjoyable via video conferencing. That is where VictoryXR comes in. The company offers immersive classrooms and campuses through virtual reality. This platform allows for students to interact in a synchronous yet virtual environment. To date, the company hs created over 240 unique VR experiences spanning over 50 different learning units. With educational partners like Carolina Biological and Oxford University, they have been able to develop brand-new educational encounters for VR users across the globe.

Revamping the World of Classroom Learning Alongside Making it Interactive and Fun

Virtual Reality Metaversity: A metaversity is a higher education university recreated as a digital twin utilizing virtual reality in the metaverse (or at least the early iteration of what will ultimately become a full, global metaverse). Instead of viewing complex molecules in a book or perhaps a 2D video, you can stand in a room with your professor and hold a 3 foot wide molecule in your hand, then deconstruct it and reconstruct it. Because it’s all digital and created in spatial 3D, there are enough molecules for everyone in the classroom and then plenty more. Imagine learning about reproductive health while taking a group tour through a fallopian tube and then discussing it as a class. Imagine learning fantasy space literature while beaming up to a starship and then putting on a space suit and taking a walk outside the ship. These are the advantages of using VictoryXR's Metaversity app.

VXR.Direct: VictoryXR has six dissection packages for teachers and students to explore. The learning is syncherous on the VictoryXR Labs platform. VXR’s dissections are another interactive and immersive tool to increase student engagement and learning outcomes. VXR’s dissections are another interactive and immersive tool to increase student engagement and learning outcomes. Join Wendy Martin, a national award-winning education, to explore these dissections. Learn the fundamentals of anatomy through its various systems in their fully immersive VR experience. The entire program adheres to the Next Gen Science Standards (NGSS), America’s framework for science learning. In addition, they’ve implemented the processes and procedures of Carolina Biological–America’s leading supplier of science education materials. Using original and lifelike physical models, these dissection experiences is recreated to the finest detail and is a comparable substitute for actual live specimen classroom dissections, without the safety and ethical implications. VR is an incredible way to learn—fun, focused, and distraction-free.

VXRWeb: VictoryXR is a global leader for immersive learning for virtual and augmented reality…and now, Chromebooks and personal computers. Using these devices, students can dissect animals; learn science and much more in an immersive, 3D world. Even more, many of the science lessons are led by Wendy the Science Teacher, a national finalist for teacher of the year. Organs: Carolina Biological Supply Company and VictoryXR™ have teamed up to bring you an interactive, Web-based dissection alternative for your classroom! Students learn the anatomy of 4 popular mammalian organs—the brain, eye, heart, and kidney—in separate, engaging experiences that are guided by Wendy Martin, a national award-winning science teacher.

VXRLabs: They are individual learning labs focused on specific core subjects. Each lab welcomes a group of students along with an educator or a single student on a mission to learn while doing. In this pursuit, virtual reality allows a student and their classmates to enter into a classroom that is created without the traditional bounds of four walls. Currently available for the Meta Quest, additional headsets will follow, including Vive, Windows and Pico.

The Leader Upfront

Steve Grubbs is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of VictoryXR.

"With educational partners like Carolina Biological and Oxford University, we have been able to develop brand-new educational encounters for VR users across the globe."