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10 Fastest Growing Cyber Security Companies 2017

Virtualization Based Security for the Enterprise: Bromium

thesiliconreview-gregory-webb-ceo-bromium-17Bromium was founded in 2010 with a mission to restore trust in computing. The company’s founders, Ian Pratt and Simon Crosby have a long and deep history of innovation in virtualization and security. Inspired by the isolation principles of traditional virtualization, the Bromium team has created a game-changing new technology called micro-virtualization to provide powerful enterprise by protecting end users against advanced malware. Bromium has its headquarters in Cupertino, California and an R&D center in Cambridge, UK. The company is backed by top-tier investors, including Andreessen Horowitz, Ignition Capital, Highland Capital Partners, Intel Capital, Meritech Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Bromium is focused on the global enterprise security market. This market has long been dominated by detection-based security products, which use signatures, behaviors, or heuristics to identify potential threats. However, these technologies have become ineffective and unable to detect or protect against the growing number of polymorphic cyber threats, zero-day attacks, and APTs that are impacting enterprise organizations worldwide.

What Makes Bromium Stand Out?

  • Bromium protects your data, your people and your brand.
  • No malware escape has ever been reported by Bromium customers.
  • Unlike most security technologies that rely on detect-to-protect methods, Bromium stops threats with virtualization-based security.
  • It’s Sensor Network, for Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), and patented isolation technology, work together to deliver high-fidelity alerts based on full kill chain analysis.
  • Information is correlated with all hosts to accelerate a network-wide response.
  • Tamper-proof introspection of protected hosts included.

Bromium’s Caliber

Bromium Secure Platform provides protection at the endpoint against all advanced malware. It automatically creates hardware-isolated micro-VMs that secure every user task—such as visiting a web page, downloading a document, or opening an email attachment. Each task runs in its own micro-VM and all micro-VMs are separated from each other, and from the trusted enterprise network. If malware targets the end user, the threat is contained in the hardware-isolated micro-VM. Consequently, it is never able to steal or damage the user or enterprise’s information, and is destroyed when the task is completed. Bromium is transparent to the end user and has no discernible impact on user experience or system performance.

The Bromium platform uses patented virtualization-based isolation technology to dramatically decrease attack surfaces and contain threats so that hosts defend themselves when they are on or offline. Every endpoint protected by Bromium becomes a vital part of the Sensor Network. It performs threat analysis and instantly shares indicators of compromise (IOCs) with the rest of the network for faster time to resolution.


  • Hardware-enforced isolation stops zero-day and unknown threats without the need for signatures.
  • Threats are completely isolated and allowed to execute so we can fully trace the kill chain resulting in no false positives, no remediation required, and no dwell time. When the task is closed the micro-VM is destroyed along with the threat


  • Combined CPU power across all enterprise endpoints is harnessed to create a Sensor Network so that only high fidelity alerts investigated resulting in faster time to resolution and fewer alerts.
  • Detailed forensic trace of malicious execution is instantly available to automatically search enterprise-wide for evidence related to the detected attack to stop east-west movement.


  • Stop worrying about rapid patch releases for new vulnerabilities because new threats taking advantage of the vulnerability execute in a secure enclave and cannot be used to infect the host or breach the network
  • Set a regular patch schedule because emergency patching no longer needed
  • IOCs are automatically hunted based on the intelligence from the Sensor Network that delivers high fidelity alerts
  • Less time and fewer resources are required to triage an action alert which dramatically increases employee efficiency and requires a smaller team to respond

Clientele Testimonies’

“Bromium provides the monitoring and protection we need.”

- Global 500 Pharmaceuticals

“I would recommend Bromium. It was a smooth deployment that had no impact or downtime for our end users.”

- Enterprise Financial Services

“This is a great product and is very effective in securing our enterprise.”

- Global 500 Banking

The Meritorious Man

Gregory Webb, CEO: Webb is the pioneer and leader in next-generation endpoint protection, with revolutionary, market disrupting, and best-of-breed enterprise security products. With nearly 15 years’ business, and strategy experience running successful, enterprise software teams, he is passionate about customer success, strategy, and analytics to achieve exceptional outcomes. Webb brings a wealth of experience in the cybersecurity sector, in roles that have seen him transform business strategy with great success. Prior to his role as CEO, Webb served as Bromium’s chief marketing officer and oversaw all aspects of global marketing and go-to-market strategy. Before Bromium, Webb was a key executive at Venafi, where he created a new market category, drove successful awareness and lead-to-revenue programs and achieved Gartner “Cool Vendor” recognition. He holds a master’s from Brigham Young University and a doctorate in Comparative Literature from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and was a Fulbright scholar at Stockholm University.

“Unlike traditional security technologies, such as antivirus or sandboxing, which rely on ineffective detection techniques, our solution automatically isolates each user-task in a lightweight micro-VM.”