50 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2021

Voxtur Analytics Corp. A Fully Digitized View of Your Real Estate Assets


The real estate industry is ripe for change and Voxtur is redefining industry standards. Headquartered in Ontario, Canada and Tampa, Florida, Voxtur is a transformational real estate technology company offering targeted data analytics to simplify and streamline every component of the lending lifecycle from property valuation and tax assessment to title and settlement

“Our passion for innovation, coupled with our proprietary data hub and workflow platforms, allows us to create a fully digitized view of real estate assets and more accurately and efficiently value those assets. This in turn allows our clients to more effectively, originate and service loans, securitize portfolios and evaluate tax assessments,” said Jim Albertelli, President of Voxtur Analytics Corp. The Company was born from the merger of iLOOKABOUT Corp. and Voxtur Technologies.

There are certain key tenets at the core of Voxtur’s business and one of those tenets is the creation and deployment of validated data. Voxtur normalizes, aggregates, and validates traditionally disparate data sources and deploys applications that instill consumer confidence. Buyers and sellers can now validate tax or title information to transfer real property with confidence. The breadth and depth of the data assures them that the cost and value are consistent with the market and their expectations.

The Voxtur platform is designed to optimize the use of data and machine learning to streamline the most critical components of the loan lifecycle. By leveraging the power of data to predict behavior, Voxtur takes a proactive approach to solving industry-wide problems and creates efficiencies and cost savings for every stakeholder.

But how does the Company determine which stakeholders will benefit most? “First, you must identify the consumer and understand how they digest the messaging. Then, you must identify the consumer’s most compelling challenge. This is a preamble to frame the conversation depending on whether we are B2B or B2C,” explained Albertelli. As many of Voxtur’s clients are hedge funds, institutional lenders and mortgage servicers, engagement is often most effective in the form of white papers, industry roundtables, and collaborative sales. These methodologies allow Voxtur to offer valuable expertise and guidance to clients while expanding the Voxtur knowledge base. With over 200 client agreements in place, Voxtur can append statements of work quickly to “land and expand” its product suite. “Our cost of acquisition in the consumer space is nominal as we leverage rails that are deployed to serve our business clients but allow us to expand our reach directly to consumers. Of course, we also deploy various digital techniques to support our direct sales efforts and give us live data on efforts in flight.”

One way that Voxtur identifies potential consumers is by mining social and public record data. For example, public record data allows for the identification of parties to dissolution actions, which often lead to both sellers and new borrowers in the real estate market. Voxtur also uses Net Promoter Score and tracking methodologies to optimize the user experience. Finally, the Company often conducts focus groups with key decision-makers in the industry to evaluate its effectiveness. “We ask questions to genuinely understand the needs of our clients and highlight the most meaningful solutions and content. It is a continual improvement feedback loop that looks inward and outward to enhance the experience,” said Albertelli.

The Road Ahead

With the recent acquisition of Anow, an AI-powered appraisal software platform, Voxtur has built a full-service digital valuation suite. This allows for the delivery of a digital payload to investors, lenders, consumers, and government entities. It route optimizes appraisers, inspectors and agents and uses the power of AI to streamline scheduling, all under a white label for the lender. This is a huge advancement for the real estate industry in that it connects consumers, service providers, and lenders. It also gives Voxtur a direct consumer connection. “This product suite will bring unprecedented transparency to the industry and reduce costs for our clients,” explained Albertelli.

The future looks bright for both Voxtur and its clients. The Company continues to grow and to benefit from new expertise in its executive ranks. With a solid foundation and an innovative mindset, Voxtur will continue to expand the depth and breadth of its offerings to provide a digitalreal estate experience from start to finish.

The Leader

Jim Albertelli, President: Albertelli is a real estate technology visionary with a proven track record of execution. He built and sold the first distressed asset auction website and has developed multiple technology platforms that continue to support real estate investors and servicers. Albertelli is also the founder of ALAW, a leading provider of legal services to the financial services and mortgage banking industries. He is responsible for the strategic vision of the firm, which addresses both the technological and legal needs of clients. Albertelli has been active in drafting legislation to protect clients and reduce costs. He is a member of the Florida Bar, State Bar of Georgia, and the United States Supreme Court Bar. He currently serves on the Board of Advisors for Emory University School of Transactional Law.

“With the recent acquisition of Anow (a powerful AI-powered real estate appraisal software), Voxtur now has a full-service digital valuation suite.”

“The Voxtur platform is designed to optimize the use of data and machine learning to streamline the most critical components of the loan lifecycle.”