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“We are the Desktop Cloud”: Workspot

thesiliconreview-amitabh-sinha-ceo-workspot-18Organizations are moving away from traditional data center infrastructure and moving workloads to Microsoft Azure. Customer deployments highlight enterprise requirements for simplicity, scalability, security and reduced costs. And that is exactly where Workspot comes to the picture with its products.

Workspot is an insanely simple, turnkey cloud service for securely delivering Windows 10 desktops, apps, and workstations to any device. It Features innovative no risk engagement contracts, free deployment services and flat rate subscription pricing which includes Microsoft Azure costs. Workspot makes its client’s deployment happen on Azure in a day! Workspot’s innovative, cloud-native virtual desktop, app, and workstation service was built exclusively for Azure and delivers unprecedented time-to-value to organizations seeking simplified IT infrastructure and more robust security. Unlike outdated VDI and Desktop-as-a-Service solutions, Workspot’s enterprise-ready Desktop Cloud, App Cloud, and Workstation Cloud services deliver value on day one.

Why Is Workspot The Solution?

Legacy VDI solutions are complex and expensive. In order to deploy VDI for end users, IT teams undertake a months-long project that which includes Hiring consultants to design the deployment architecture, conducting a proof of concept to determine the solutions of choice, purchasing software etc.

And finally, once the VDI deployment is in production, IT is saddled with the ongoing challenges and growing operational expense of running a mission-critical service for the business, while having to continuously apply patches, perform upgrades, and troubleshoot hardware and software failures.

In response to customer demand to simplify VDI deployments, many service providers offer hosted solutions –utilizing Citrix XenDesktop and VMware Horizon–in their data center. Oftentimes, these desktops are limited to sessions on a Windows Server rather than a real Windows 10 desktop; although these hosted desktops can satisfy a limited set of use cases, in practice they are fraught with downstream problems for customers.

One of the biggest issues with legacy VDI solutions is that they are built on single-tenant architecture. As a result, there is a high cost associated with managing all this complexity, and providers pass that cost along to customers.

Other virtual desktop providers offer cloud desktop services in one or more public clouds, but they rely heavily on the customer having the in-house expertise to deploy and manage desktops and apps. These solutions are either not enterprise-ready, or they suffer from the inherent complexity of their legacy roots; in either case, they do not serve customers well.

Insanely Simple, Turnkey Cloud Service

Workspot offers “no-surprises” flat rate subscription pricing. Customers will get virtual apps and desktops with a flat subscription fee that includes Azure costs and all the support, maintenance, and upgrades for the Workspot service. Workspot’s flat rate subscription pricing also includes free deployment services. Workspot proudly boasts that they can afford to do that because of their insanely simple service!

Workspot believes that the legacy model for deploying enterprise software is broken. Why should customers take all the risk of buying software? Why should it take them years to determine whether the software adds value or not? The people at Workspot are obsessed with making their customers successful, so along with cloud service, they created an industry first: the no risk engagement contract. With Workspot, if the customers are unhappy during the first 30 days of deployment, the customers can cancel the contract at zero cost to them.

In the recent years, Microsoft Azure has been considered and also voted as the best public cloud for Windows workloads. And the Workspot’s cloud desktop, app, and workstation solutions are tightly integrated with Windows Azure.

The Workspot Desktop Cloud is a modern, multi-tenant solution that scales infinitely. One can easily manage virtual desktops and apps across Azure regions and on-premises data centers using a single pane of glass and no other solution does that!

Products Portfolio

App Cloud combines Workspot with Azure

Workspot is a multi-tenant cloud-native service, where the operational components of Windows App Delivery such as provisioning, management, brokering, and load balancing are implemented as highly scalable cloud-native micro-services. The App Cloud combines the power of its cloud service with Azure’s distributed cloud platform.

Desktop Cloud combines Workspot with Azure

The Desktop Cloud is a turnkey service that combines the power of the Workspot control plane with the Microsoft Azure data plane. Hundreds of thousands of Windows 10 desktops can be deployed in a day! Desktop Cloud customers can seamlessly deploy virtual desktops into any Azure region in the world.

Workstation Cloud

Workstation Cloud is a turnkey all-cloud solution for high-performance 3D Graphics workloads. The Workstation Cloud leverages the Azure N-Series instances which are powered by NVIDIA GPUs, enabling customers to run GPU-accelerated workloads, workstations, and applications in the cloud or in the datacenter. End users can access these workstations from anywhere using any device.

Workspot Hybrid Desktop Cloud

The Workspot VDI solution is 10x simpler because it is cloud-native and designed for the modern data center. No more brokers to deploy or web interface or load balancing or provisioning servers or databases or license servers.

The Man behind the ‘Cloud’spot

Amitabh Sinha, CEO, and Co-founder: Amitabh has more than twenty years of experience in enterprise software, end-user computing, mobile, and database software. Amitabh co-founded Workspot with Puneet Chawla and Ty Wang in August 2012.

Prior to Workspot, Amitabh was the General Manager for Enterprise Desktops and Apps at Citrix Systems. In his five years at Citrix, Amitabh was VP Product Management for XenDesktop and VP Engineering for the Advanced Solutions Group. Amitabh has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

“We deliver the most secure Windows desktops for millions of users – from Microsoft Azure”