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30 Fastest Growing Private Companies To Watch 2017

“We are the watchmakers of the digital world”: Linkbynet

thesiliconreview-julien-trassard-ceo-linkbynet-2017New enterprises are surfacing every day and cloud and big data are the two terms which are frequently mentioned in the same breath. Cloud computing has become a major buzzword in the business world these last few years. Cloud migrations are no longer a matter of if, but when. Companies like Linkbynet helps in the digital transformation by bringing new solutions to manage the web applications. 

Linkbynet aims to meet the needs and expectations of its Customers via IT managed services and hosting, along with tailor-made, adaptable, and hi-tech services. Via its management of 24/7 e-commerce sites, the company has always been e-business market oriented. The warranty of all internet oriented applications availability is in the heart of Linkbynet. The firm offers an elevated level of service to its Clients which are managed by several of its operation centers located in France, North America, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. The Linkbynet team consists 650 across its different Support Operation Centers which gives the company the additional benefit of being a multi-cultural industry. 

In Conversation with CEO of Linkbynet, Julien Trassard 

What led to the inception of the company?

In 2000, two brothers, Stéphane and Patrick Aisenberg, created the company to meet a growing need in the field of infrastructure and application management of the web. Since then, Linkbynet has accompanied its Clients on a three-pronged approach as follows: managing infrastructure in the transformation phase of the digital cloud; managed services for Applications and data security. Most of our Clients are international and require support and certified processed services from a mature industry. 

What are the challenges or barriers you faced?

Meeting our Clients’ needs and requirements is one of the major challenges we have. A distinguishing factor at Linkbynet is that our Client relations are based more on a partnership and not so much as that of a supplier. The second challenge is managing our personal growth, which has been approximately 20 to 25% growth per year. It is precisely this growth that presents a challenge. For this reason, we have had to increase our teams and managerial staff significantly to maintain ongoing improvement of our quality and service. The same challenges exist for our Clients requiring them to plan their growth, but also continuing to be in compliance with their policies. We meet the norms of ISO 20 000 and in order to assist our clients, we can guide them through the requirements in order to become ISO 27 001, ISO 9 001 and ISAE3402 certified - which are the principle norms and reference in IT to guarantee that your data is secured. 

What drives you to excel in the field and expand the company?

Our Client is our main motivation and to ensure they are always well served; we have developed an internal program that is called Client Magic. It is because of our Clients that we continue to surpass our quality and services. One of our latest Clients is a leading international leader in the field of electricity and electrical components who we have accompanied in creating a new IOT platform in the cloud. This presented many challenges, as the tools are not always ready in the growing market. The project ended as a resounding success where the Client was more than satisfied with the quality of our work. It is with programs such as the Client Magic that our Clients have the possibility of challenging us on our practice. When clients were interviewed on our quality and capacity to offer innovative technological solutions, governance and development of methodologies throughout our contracts, by external auditors, we received very positive feedback. To date, it has been positive, as 97% our Clients renew their contracts. 

What is the future roadmap for Linkbynet?

Anywhere our Client needs us to be, we will answer that call. We expect to triple our business in the next 5 years. Furthermore, to simplify the cloud management and transition for our Clients, we have developed a solution called SelfDeploy. This is a portal that enables clients to evolve towards IT-as-a-service. It’s their cockpit for orchestrating hybrid clouds simply and quickly, all while controlling costs and providing a ready-to-use service catalogue for business departments. We have acquired certain companies’ to enable external growth. We have also developed other products that develop containerization for our Clients. 

Tales from the Customers

“Thank you again for the investment you demonstrated during the migration period of all Euromaster websites. For LINKBYNET, sense of service teams, availability and responsiveness are not empty words.”

-Gilles Szpiro & Stéphane Brihat, Euromaster Europe 

“Sodexo benefits as well as other customers, of the experience accumulated over the day by the LINKBYNET dedicated and devoted teams.”

-Pascal HUMBERT, Sodexo Global IS & T - Director Service Management

Greet the Key Executive

Julien Trassard, CEO

“We believe that being humble and constantly questioning our ways of functioning are the most important factors to continuing to evolve in this industry.” 

"Our annual average turnover growth of 30% is achieved solely through the satisfaction of our Customers who recommend us to their peers without hesitation."