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Zeta – Committed to helping the world’s leading marketers reach new heights


Today’s consumer is more connected than ever. With almost constant access to the Internet at home and on the go, consumers are able to find the information they want whenever and wherever. Digitally empowered, they demand to navigate the evolving path to purchase through multiple digital touchpoints. They’re following an increasingly complex, multi-channel path to conversion. When marketers are savvy and tuned in to their customer’s behavior, they get optimal results.

That is when Zeta comes in and plays a huge role in the data-driven marketing platform. Zeta is a pioneer in data and marketing platforms, which mainly aims at creating leaders for the future. The firm was founded 12 years ago, to help solve CMOs’ most challenging problems and to scale up their client's growth over time and keep them longer.

The primary objective of Zeta

The main mission of the firm is to help solve CMOs’ most challenging problems across the customer lifecycle – acquire new customers at scale, grow their value over time and keep them longer. The tools, talents, and techniques have evolved, but the commitment to helping clients win is stronger than ever.

Zeta’s Culture that represents entrepreneurship at scale

At Zeta, there is a right combination of an entrepreneurial “make it happen” approach with the strong and firm foundation of practices and processes required to work with a blue-chip client base of Fortune 500 companies. It is called The Zeta Way, a set of principles that their team of business experts and execution specialists bring to life.

Zeta’s Marketing Platform: Powered by AI, Delivered at Scale

Zeta’s Marketing Platform brings the power of marketing, data, and experience Clouds to life in a single console. The Gartner Magic Quadrant-rated Hub enables the World’s leading marketers to master the New Golden Rule to acquire, retain, and grow customer relationships like never before.

Marketing Cloud

Zeta’s marketing cloud helps its clients to;


  • Build a single view of the customer
  • Capture signals and generate AI models


  • Predict and automate the selection of ideal audiences
  • Optimize campaign creative based on real-time behavior


  • Listen and respond, in real-time
  • Connect experiences across channels and campaigns

Experience Cloud


  • Helps to create discussion within the user community
  • To analyze for patterns that matter


  • Creates 1:1 user experience
  • Manages the 360° view of each customer


  • To recommend content and products
  • To create a feedback loop for input

Data and Marketing solutions furnished by Zeta

CRM for Enterprises

It helps to Design and delivers 1:1 brand experiences that drive sales and deepen loyalty. It helps to simplify the marketing complexities through:

Unified View of Customers Data

Zeta’s solution begins with a single view of the customer. Its proprietary tools and methodology enable companies to achieve a single view in less time. Zeta helps the customers to understand the intent and behavior of each customer to tailor experiences.

Seamless Cross-Channel Communication

Zeta’s Marketing Platform enables a smooth multi-channel dialogue with your customers and prospects across email, mobile, social, direct, and website.

End-to-End Solution

Zeta’s Marketing Platform flawlessly executes lifecycle marketing campaigns. The tools deploy personalized campaigns across channels and measure and analyze their performance.

Customer Acquisition Solution

Zeta’s platform integrates with Zeta’s Data Cloud that contains 750M+ consumer profiles to build audiences and deliver ads via fully addressable digital media. Zeta’s Data Cloud is as broad as it is deep, enabling marketers to target even the most niche data segments. The company’s team works across all digital platforms, devices, formats, and channels.

Strategic & Managed Services

In today’s Journey of One, more advanced thinking, models and tools are required to engage and drive the desired behavior. Zeta’s Customer Experience (CX) group takes an innovative approach to help marketers personalize, automate, and optimize the Customer Journey. Using a proprietary methodology and a unique set of tools, the CX group identifies the micro-moments that matter designs omnichannel programs to maximize the impact of those moments and builds dashboards to track and improve performance.

Zeta’s Private Data Cloud

Private Data Cloud (PDC) is a premium People-Based Marketing solution that enables Zeta’s clients to increase customer lifetime value and brand affinity. It helps them to gain deeper insights into attitudes and behaviors of the first-party user data and send messages at crucial ‘moments of truth’ to drive desired behavior.

The working principle

  • Zeta’s PDC monitors behaviors across millions of touchpoints across the web and potentially incremental points of presence across the enterprise’s ecosystem.
  • It leverages AI capabilities to translate signals into personalized marketing curriculum for users.

The driving force behind the success of Zeta

David A. Steinberg is the Co-founder, Chairman, and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Zeta. He co-founded Zeta in 2007 to focus on Big Data and analytics. Prior to Zeta, Mr. Steinberg founded InPhonic, Sterling Cellular, and Sterling Communications as well as serving as CEO.

“The tools, talents, and techniques have evolved, but the commitment to helping clients win is stronger than ever.”