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Providing world-class online project management portfolio software for professional managers: Zilicus


Project portfolio management (PPM) is the management of a collection of projects, Jennifer said. By grouping them together, and by generating various reports of objectives, risks, costs and resources, it’s easier to make better business decisions whether you’re a PMO or just anyone leading multiple projects in an organization. Project portfolio management software gives managers the tools they need to organize a series of projects or programs into a portfolio, allowing them to gather pertinent data across many related projects. This provides needed insight into the projects and resources in the portfolio, which then allows the management and the executive team to review the overall progress across projects in an organization. Reviewing metrics from a project portfolio can help when making important financial and business decisions, as well as make sure teams are aligned with business and organizational strategy.

Zilicus is complete project management solution that is quick and easy to use. Designed to be highly intuitive and incredibly faster, Zilicus helps users in more than fifty five countries to collaborate, plan, monitor, control, and deliver projects. It has emerged as a preferred choice of executive management as well as project managers across the world because of its simplified project management processes and high performance. Zilicus provides comprehensive portfolio management capabilities such as set portfolio goals, objectives, budget; project request approval, track portfolio Gantt chart, resources capacity planning, cost tracking, issues, change, risk tracking, earned value management, executive dashboards and reporting. It enables you to track performance of projects very easily. It helps you to bring order to entire project work be it schedule, resources, changes, budget, cost, and billing.

Next-generation project portfolio management services

Gantt Chart Software: Robust interactive Gantt chart feature equips you to plan as well as track project schedule from high level tasks to smaller sub-tasks. Project manager can add tasks like s/he would do it in an Excel file using keyboard or mouse, drag-drop tasks, drag-drop dependencies, assign resources, and cost elements and so on. In short project planning or changes to the schedule are so seamless you will see drastic increase in your productivity compared to operationally inefficient tools/techniques such as Excel, MS Project or status calls/meetings, etc. Robust task management along with interactive Gantt chart feature equip you to plan as well as track project schedule from high level tasks to smaller sub-tasks. As team members update task progress, it gets reflected nearly real time in the Gantt chart. Use Gantt chart filters to track project progress by priority, resources, status, etc.

Project Portfolio Management Tool: Project managers can submit new project requests based on business case. Portfolio managers have a central place to see all new project requests and looking at project benefits, cost, budget, resource, etc. information, s/he can approve new project requests. Portfolio managers have an easy way to check project alignment with overall portfolio goals and objectives.  Essentially, portfolio manager can centralise intake of project demand, optimize project portfolio for resource capacity and overall strategic alignment. Portfolio managers get a bird eye view of financial status of portfolio of projects looking at the dashboard. Executive management can quickly refer dashboard to make an informed decisions, instead of calling project managers for a review meetings.

Online Project Risk Management Tool: Project team including team members and project manager can highlight project risks to risk register online. It gets flagged to project manager for review. Project manager can further review it for impact, etc. but every highlighted risk gets in to project risk register and shows up in the pending list of project manager if it is not reviewed. Person submitting risk and project owner gets email notification, in-app alert as soon as risk is submitted. Thus any submitted risk is unlikely to get unnoticed and project manager has to act on it. Once you start using ZilicusPM, you will happily forget about Excel, MS Project, status meetings and all such operationally inefficiencies techniques to streamline your project risk planning, delegation, tracking and management.

Meet the Executive Duo

Nagin Kothari is the Co-founder of Zilicus. He has worked with IT majors like Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) and Vertex Software., and also served as Director of Engineering at YagnaIQ, a Texas-based IT product. As Chief Architect at Zilicus Solutions, hepairs extensive experience in cutting edge technology and a deep understanding of application security, robustness, scalability, to create top-tier enterprise applications. Mr. Nagin holds a Bachelors and Masters in Tech from world renowned engineering institute - Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT M).

Dhananjay (Dhan) Wagholikar is the Co-founder of Zilicus. Prior to Zilicus, he managed multi-million dollar projects at Indian Oil Corporation, India’s largest commercial enterprise. He also played consulting roles with leading retail and telecom companies. His expertise also branches into product marketing, online marketing and branding. He holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIM Bangalore) - India’s premier management school, and is an engineering graduate of Government College of Engineering, Pune (COEP)

“ZilicusPM risk management tool is easy to use and it has so much for you to manage projects risks like a pro.”