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A Next-Generation Platform for Sales, SalezShark is Transforming the CRM Space Widely

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

Founded in the year 2014, by a team of passionate experts dedicated to transform the CRM space, SalezShark is the next generation platform for sales.

SalezShark gives an edge over the others as it helps nurture client relationships through every sales stage. Its unique Relationship Cloud enables to understand customer, leading to deliver tailored services and meet organizational goals in much lesser time. The company also empowers to improve sales processes by providing intelligent tools that help to save time and increase productivity. Its intuitive technology is designed to manage and organize data for sales professionals, with tools to generate performance reports and project analysis summaries.

Equipped with some of the most innovative technological attributes, SalezShark holds the potential to generously contribute to your business by exponentially improving sales.


Email Marketing– Create & send email campaigns directly to existing and future leads. Alternatively, create email lists for targeted campaigns and effectively manage them by gathering intelligence on open, bounce and click rates.

Campaigns– Easily create Email, Social and combination of these campaigns simultaneously, so that you don’t miss out on tapping your relevant audience on any channel.

Web to Lead Capture– Integrate incoming leads (from web forms, chat, email) directly to your leads
in the CRM, ensuring you don’t miss on any lead and track them thoroughly.

Social Campaigns– Conduct campaigns on various social channels like Facebook & Twitter to enhance reach and generate leads through the social media. Avoid the hassle of managing campaigns through individual accounts and get launch them all at one go through a common window.

Actionable Insights– Get instant reports on actionable information on email and social campaigns depicting delivered, click and open rates. Export the results to measure the efficacy of marketing campaigns

List Management– Effectively manages and builds prospective lists to run action specific campaigns within the platform so that you minimize efforts on manual data entry and list maintenance. Create your lists through following ways:

Campaign Scheduler– Effectively manage and build your prospective lists to run action specific campaigns within the platform so that you minimize your efforts on manual data entry and list maintenance.

In-built Templates– Do not have handy HTML Templates? Don’t worry! Use the integrated in-built templates to send html based campaigns and customize them to your branding guidelines.

SalezShark’s Tour

Sales Automation– Leads without data are meaningless! With SalezShark’s intuitive Sales Automation, Contacts, Leads and Accounts get easily linked to each other and provide with predictive insights on your Leads to fasten the sales process cycle. Furthermore, the ‘Relationship Cloud’ empowers to approach prospects through your internal connections to auto-nurture your opportunities.

Marketing Hub– Plan marketing spends and integrate all sales & marketing efforts for maximized results. With an option to run email and social campaigns simultaneously, SalezShark’s marketing automation assures that you don’t miss on tapping audience on different channels to perceive offerings.

Intelligent Reports– Make data driven decisions with business intelligence reports, tailored and generated for business needs. Take a deep dive into your team’s performance through visual dashboards that give a quick overview of the team’s sales activities.

360 Degree Collaboration– Follow existing and potential customers on social media to drive effective engagement and relevant conversations. Get insights into clients’ personality traits to serve them in a better way and build business relationships. The integrated Enterprise Social Network (ESN) provides an edge to mingle with everybody in your organization socially.

List Building– Build prospective list and organize them to run action specific campaigns within the platform so that you minimize your efforts on manual data entry and list maintenance.

Integrated Sales and Marketing– Convert contacts from search list to leads and associate marketing campaigns with them so that you are able to measure the ROI of your campaigns effectively.

Elastic Search– To avoid a never ending scrolling, SalezShark’s application offers the elastic search feature. Quickly search for your leads, accounts and prospects to hit the right results and get going with your tasks!

“SalezShark aims at nurturing your connections as we believe that strong business relationships are the key to increased sales.”

Knowing the Mastermind

Ajay Chauhan, Co-Founder & CEO – As a Co-Founder & CEO of SalezShark, Ajay’s role is to anchor the strategic initiatives from ideation to conceptualization to foster technology innovation, while driving the customer success, new acquisition and marketing.

Having spent more than 15 years in industry at various levels and engagements, Ajay has conceptualized some of the most innovative products that are now being fully established and helping organizations
of every size and nature to build their sales and grow business. Being a sales expert, CRM and other sales tools attract him to continually innovate upon and provide state of the art solutions to sales and marketing community.

His special skills includes:
– Build & drive strategic initatives for overall growth of the company, people and product
– Lead a team of enthusiasts and mentor them to strengthen deliverables on every front
– An active industry member and contributes towards industry initiatives
– An avid tennis player and practices regular yoga to gain energy and channelize it daily in endeavors

“We merge our business intelligence and insights with innovative technology to help you change the way you sell.”