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30 Entrepreneurs of the Year 2017

CloudFX: Transforming businesses with its comprehensive and end-to-end cloud service and solutions

thesiliconreview-damian-crotty-founder-cloudfx-2017The need to accelerate innovation and create new business models and revenue streams is making many enterprises adopt hybrid cloud. The cloud is undoubtedly affecting the way business is conducted and is empowering a new generation of products and services. With today’s fast-paced marketplace, integrating, transforming and managing enterprise’s critical business applications and data is quite tough and moving data seamlessly and quickly in real time is critical to business success. Therefore, many companies are re-thinking their entire approach to strategic IT initiatives and increasingly turning to third-party services providers to host various back-office systems and cloud-based applications.

This has led to the emergence of the cloud services brokerage, and CloudFX is one such company that leverages cloud services and aggregates and enhances business information in the cloud by brokering multiple cloud services into a single connection. CloudFX enables enterprise cloud utilization at the largest scales allowing companies to gain a new advantage. With its flagship platform, CloudSelect, it provides an entire bolt-on business unit that unlocks an entirely new revenue stream by allowing customers, resellers and channel partners to purchase, consume, and manage cloud infrastructure, software, services, all within one platform, with one bill. CloudSelect has 25,000+ API’s adaptors and connectors tailored for any horizontal or vertical market.

Inception of the company

CloudFX was founded in Singapore in 2009 by Damian Crotty, a seasoned veteran executive of the IT industry, with the clear vision to set the global standard of excellence for delivering the promise of technology by simplifying the process of IT transformation. The company started out focused on Enterprise IT transformation by offering a portfolio of professional services from advisory to design, engineering and infrastructure transformation on behalf of global ICT companies. Post Intel and Cisco’s investments in 2013, it changed tact whilst maintaining the I.P developed working with some of the world’s largest technology vendors and applied that knowhow to platforms which allowed customers to compress the IT transformation process from years to weeks or months. This platform, CloudSelect, is recognized as one the world’s leading Digital, Cloud and IoT multi-service aggregation, automation, management and billing platforms. It has allowed CloudFX to shift its focus from Asia to Global markets and individual customers to OEM partners who have thousands of Enterprise customers. “That strategic shift has seen us accumulate a multitude of awards and in the past 3 years being recognized as one of the world’s most valuable cloud solution companies is a real testament to our employees”, the company said.

A world-class portfolio of cloud products and services

As no single vendor is in a position to deliver the level of change that enterprises anticipate, CloudFX has built cloud platform & a service portfolio tailored around enabling enterprise cloud adoption. Today, CloudFX’s mission statement is “Deliver ingenious capabilities amidst the chaos of technological change that improves and transforms the quality of business services and financial outcomes of enterprises that use our cloud platform solutions”. This sums up concisely what it does for customers and partners around the world today.

The company offers Multi-tenant and single tenant Cloud Service Brokerage and Cloud Management platforms that are supported by and enabled through professional services – advisory, consulting, design and managed services – Day 2 operations etc. The core of its portfolio is the platform, CloudSelect that allows companies to consume hundreds of cloud products and services and manage them all within one place.

Helping clients leverage cloud technology

Many of the world’s largest SIs and MSPs realize that developing Cloud management and automation platforms is difficult. So they are turning to CloudFX as a source for technology innovation and platform solutions. They integrate CloudSelect into their Enterprise solutions portfolio as the nucleus of their Hybrid Cloud and ITaaS strategy and the primary source of transformational change in their customers. These relationships are special to its business and very rewarding from a collaboration and development perspective.

Today, CloudFX is building solutions for some of the SI’s and Telecom companies, be those E-Commerce based Cloud market places or Advanced Workspace as a Service solutions. It is transforming global banks through its ITaaS Cloud platform, helping global consumer businesses aggregate and manage SaaS sprawl within their Enterprise and forming SMART City consortiums with industry leaders like General Energy, Obama Energy and Cushman Wakefield to transform the way countries leverage technology to improve everything from waste management to utilities management. In short, there are a plethora of initiatives it is working on, all of which are designed to make a difference to the lives of the communities in which the company operates.

Present and future focus areas

CloudFX has major focus on the following three areas.

  • One, build deeper functionality in its Digital and Cloud based platform solutions and expand the primary tenants, features and capabilities of CloudSelect into adjacent markets like IoT.
  • Two, globalization and expansion of its OEM partner eco-system thereby becoming the default choice for IT companies looking for ways to establish a strong foothold in the Cloud and IoT market.
  • Three, continue to pursue an open development and innovation strategy which benefits its customers and partner’s customers, thereby promoting choice, agility, financial return and end user innovation.

Knowing the leader behind CloudFX, Damian Crotty

The company was founded by Damian Crotty. Damian and his leadership team, consisting of highly experienced industry executives, are agents of change and take enormous pride in helping customers building new business models based on digital services whilst improving financial growth and client retention through innovation leadership in their respective domains.

Damian is a highly experienced Technology executive and entrepreneur with deep global experience in Sales, Consulting, Operations and Marketing leadership in the Enterprise Solutions, Cloud and Data Centre Computing industries. He has led Sales, Consulting and Operations organizations responsible for P&L, Strategy, Innovation and the overall growth agenda for Global technology leaders in Asia Pacific and EMEA.

“We keep an unwavering focus on delivering value to our customers by working with them to enable transformation, build capacity, unlock business value and deliver improved business results and competitive advantage.”