30 Entrepreneurs of the Year 2016

India’s First Healthcare Aggregator Platform, Zoctr Health Network Integrates Various Health Services

“Our vision is to create India’s No. 1 Home & Tele Healthcare Company that leverages a unique, disruptive and fully integrated Home & Telehealth Business Model”

Zoctr Health Network is a first-of-its kind pan-India Home & Tele health Company that provides a comprehensive portfolio of home based medical services including long term Intensive Care, Chronic Care & Wellness, Corporate Wellness and Health Check-up programs and other subscription based value added services such as Tele consulting, Home Laboratory Pick-ups, Home/Online Pharmacy and Emergency Management Support to its customers leveraging a proprietary, fully integrated and technology led business model.

Zoctr is a clear services innovator with a disruptive and unique Health-On-Demand business model and the aspiration of creating India’s First and Largest, Highly Scaled, Fully Integrated, Technology led, Home & Tele healthcare Company servicing 500,000+ Indians in 5 years. Zoctr’s proprietary Health Program Designs leveraging a multi-disciplinary team of General Physicians, Specialists & Super Specialists, Paramedics, Dieticians, Physiotherapists, Psychological Counselors and other experts with comprehensive medical protocols and precise timetables, preventive as well as holistic focus lead to superior health outcomes which in turn means a DISEASE FREE YOU!

Service Offerings
Zoctr offers a plethora of Homecare, Telehealth and Value Added Services to create a one-stop post discharge solution for the patient. The services they offer include:

  • Zoctr Home ICU/HDU Set-up
  • Zoctr Intensive Home Rehab Health Plans
  • Zoctr Chronic Care & Wellness Health Plans
  • Doctor/Healthcare Professional Appointments
  • 12-Hr / 24-Hr Nursing/Attendant Services
  • Medical Equipment Rentals
  • Home Diagnostics
  • Home Pharmacy
  • Tele & Video Consulting
  • Health Check-ups

Zoctr Home ICU/HDU Set-up
For Post Acute, Post Operative, Terminal and Chronic Conditions needing intensive long term home-based rehab care e.g. Cancer, Stroke, Neuro-Psychiatric conditions, Cardio-Metabolic conditions, Nephrology & Hepatology conditions, Orthopedic conditions, Respiratory conditions and Geriatric conditions, Zoctr creates a High Dependency Unit (HDU) at the patient’s home offering 12-Hr/24-Hr Patient Monitoring as well Doctor, Nursing & Attendant support services. Zoctr further provides value added services such as Medical Equipment Rentals, Home Laboratory, Home Pharmacy, Wearables enabled Remote Monitoring, Tele & Video Consultations and Emergency Management Support to the patients under a Home ICU/HDU set-up.

Zoctr Home Care Services– Zoctr’s home care services cover every aspect of delivering standardized, protocol driven patient care. These include:

  • General Physician & Specialist Home Consultations
  • Home Physiotherapy Consultations
  • Home Dietician Consultations
  • Home Psycho-Counseling Consultations
  • Home Nursing/Attendant Care & Support including long term support
  • Home Medical Equipment Rentals

Zoctr Intensive Home Rehab Programs (ZIHR)– Zoctr Intensive Home Rehab Programs (ZIHR) are targeted at serious medical and post operative/post trauma conditions such as Cancer, Cardiac Disease, Myocardial Infarction, Heart Transplant, Stroke, Surgeries, Post Trauma, Accident & Burns Cares, Paralysis, Bed Ridden Care etc. that need intensive patient management using highly skilled doctors, paramedics, specialized equipment and round-the-clock emergency management support.

The unique Zoctr model combines a multi-disciplinary team of General Physicians, Specialists, Intensivists, Nursing, Physiotherapists, Dieticians, Psycho-counselors and Personal Care Attendants that work in a holistic and seamless manner to ensure maximum patient comfort and fastest patient recovery.

Zoc Home Chronic Care & Wellness Programs (ZHCW)– Zoctr Home Chronic Care & Wellness Programs (ZHCW) are targeted at chronic medical conditions as well as overall wellness and cover Healthy Individuals, Individuals with minor/cyclical ailments not requiring extensive medical treatment and/or hospitalizations as well as individuals suffering from chronic conditions including Diabetes, Obesity, Cardiac Diseases, Arthritis, Gastro-Intestinal Diseases, Hepato-Renal Diseases, Neuro-Psychiatry Disorders etc. The program is also meant for special groups such as the Elderly, Children etc. who have special medical needs and therefore need special care.

Zoc Tele/Video Consultation Services– Zoctr offers Teleconsulting Services wherein the users have for round-the-year 12X6 (8 am to 8 pm / Mon through Sat) access to a Patient Helpline and can make Tele/Video consult with qualified Zoctr Doctors for their medical problems and queries.

For signing up for the program, it is mandatory for the user to undergo one in-person General Health Check-up. Zoctr will log user history in its Electronic Health Record system before enrolling the user for the Tele/Video Consulting program. Zoctr would further need subscriber’s credit card details on file for charging any services the user accesses.

Zoc Home Medical Equipment Rentals– Zoctr offers Home Medical Equipment Rentals for equipment such as Air Beds, Oxygenators, Suction Pumps, Wheel Chairs, BIPAP/C-PAP etc. which will be transported, delivered and fitted to the patient’s home.

Zoc Home Lab Collections & Point of Care Diagnostics– Zoctr offers a Home Laboratory Services Annual Subscription wherein users can order home sample collection and point of care diagnostics using iZoctr Web Platform or Mobile App.

Zoc Home Pharmacy Services– Zoctr offers a Home Pharmacy Services option wherein users can get medicines delivered to their homes via Zoctr’s registered partner’s network using iZoctr Web Platform or Mobile App and can also avail of medicine discounts based on subscription to Zoc Home Pharmacy Annual Subscription Program.

She is recipient of several business awards including ‘Emerging Business Woman of the Year 2013’, ‘First Generation Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2012’, ‘Clinical Data Management Company of the Year’, ‘Indian Leadership Award for Industrial Development’, etc.

An prolific speaker and featured entrepreneur across multiple events, forums and media, she has authored ‘Love Chameleon’, a book of poems published by Partridge Publishers, that was featured in Femina, Deccan Chronicle and Times of India among other prestigious journals.

Previously worked with four prestigious, global outsourcing organizations including GE (GECIS IT Services), WNS North America, Wipro Technologies & Hexaware Technologies, Nidhi is an MBA from SP Jain Mumbai, a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt from KPMG.

“I am certain; Zoctr will upgrade the way healthcare is delivered in India”– Dr. VP Maniar, Medical Oncologist

“Excellent support and proactiveness, they addressed all my requirements”– Mr. Sachin Khot, Orthopaedic Patient.

Knowing the Leader

Nidhi Saxena, Director, Founder & CEO– A Seasoned Healthcare Entrepreneur carrying 16 years of Healthcare, Lifesciences & Technology expertise, Nidhi is currently driving, India’s first Healthcare Aggregator Patient Engagement Platform and Mobile Application that leverages a unique, disruptive and fully integrated business model to offer Home, Telehealth & Remote Monitoring services to patients on a Pan-India basis thereby improving overall quality and accessibility of care, improved patient compliance and medical outcomes and dramatically reduced healthcare costs.