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Lekhisoft: Solving Healthcare Challenges by Connecting Technology-driven Healthcare Services with Hospitals

With the growing population of India, healthcare has become one of the country’s biggest sectors in terms of revenue. The growth is slated to grow to US $20 Billion by 2020. Even with this significant growth, the healthcare sector is facing tremendous uncertainty owing to the complexities in terms of maintaining medical records, patient charts, documentation and poor standards of medical practice workflow. Inability of the healthcare service providers to allow timely access of patient’s existing health information to the doctors has resulted in high mortality rates. Major healthcare service providers fail to empower doctors to serve their patients effectively due to high administrative workload. Recognizing the importance of healthcare, Lekhi Software, headquartered in Madhya Pradesh confronts the woes of the hospitals and healthcare industries by leveraging healthcare IT solutions that streamlines documentation, medical records and patient charts and aids the doctors to focus and serve their patients better while reducing administrative workload. The major healthcare software solutions provided by the company are Hospital Management System, Opthalmology Management system, Diagnostic Centre Management system and Practice Management Software. To explain further, Rajesh Lekhi, CEO at Lekhisoft, said “Our strength has been to provide quality software and cater to various specialization and support to the satisfaction of our healthcare clients.”

In an unpredictable and complex environment, registration and management of patients’ appointments can be quite overwhelming for the hospital administrative staffs. Lekhisoft’s hospital management system addresses the qualms of appointments and registration by generating Permanent Patient Registration Number and Medical Record number. When a patient is admitted for the first time, the demographic information is being recorded to generate Permanent Patient Registration Number so that when the patient visits the hospital next time. Again, with the help of MRN, the concerned authorities at the hospital can retrieve complete OPD/IPD, history and billing information of the registered patient at any time. “In the appointment module, we provide doctor’s schedule as per week days to manage specific timings and also provide specific time range block and release functionality”, says Rajesh.

The company’s Electronic Medical Record Software service and technology team handles the tedious tasks of managing patient’s charts and clinical data in a simple and easy manner and helps the doctors to focus more patient care. “With our stringent processes, in-depth knowledge and technology skills we can provide with high-quality and technology-driven EMR software that can meet requirements of doctors & hospital”, quotes Rajesh.

“We have a track record of success in serving 500+ companies globally.”

Being Different in the Domain
Since inception, Lekhisoft has gained widespread recognition. The company differentiates itself from competitors in following ways:

  • EMR–Electronic Medical Record.
  • Paper less working.
  • The number 1 ranked EMR solution in Indian hospital industry.
  • Highest overall value proposition score in the health care industry.
  • A product that measures physician buy-in, depth of use and patient safety.
  • A system of highest and successful adoption by the most of the doctors & the industry.
  • ROI (Return on Investment).
  • Template Help For Save Time and Smoothness for Consultant.
  • Image Workup with every examination-Detail.
  • Treatment Plan & Comment Included.

Lekhisoft in Media’s Eyes
Lekhisoft has been able to attract itself towards the Indian media. Most of leading Newspapers like Danik Bhasker/Naidunia/Dainik Jagaran, Hindustan, Rajexpress, Aaj, Ranchi Express/Prabhat Kiran and many more have already praised Lekhisoft for its performance and importance through published articles on front page or beginning pages.

Winning the Trust of Clients
Lekhisoft has earned a reputation, brand presence in the healthcare domain across 20+ states, and has a client base of more than 500+ clients in the country.

“Thank you very much for the prompt response. I must complement Lekhi software team for the whole hearted cooperation in understanding our concern and resolving it to my satisfaction at the earliest. No wonder it is so popular. Thanks once again and here is wishing you all a great future.” – Dr. Neeraj Sood, Medical Director, Neeraj Eye Hospital Chandigarh.

“We have been using Lekhisoft for almost a Decade and we did not face any problem during this period. The team is really very hardworking and enthusiastic”. – Dr. Mehul Shah, DRASHTI NETRALAYA.

“We are happy to inform that this software is helping us in maintaining not only electronic medical records but also various other departments. Lekhisoft is relevant for all the systems.” – Dr. P. S. Brar, BRAR EYE HOSPITAL & LASIK CENTRE.

“Lekhisoft is comprehensive covering all specialty work-ups. It is User friendly. It is a great tool to standardize the clinical protocols & to improve patient care.” – K. Madhu, Executive Director, GAUTAMI EYE INSTITUE.

“The software is very useful for outdoor, indoor, pre-operative as well as operation theater records’ We have never faced any major software related problem during this period. We wish Lekhisoft all the best for its bright future.” – A Jananeshwar Naik, NARAYANA NETRALAYA.

“Lekhisoft is very responsive and fulfill all the requirement really well. The team is enthusiastic and open for suggestions. We wish Lekhisoft a very bright future.” – Dr. Anuj Amin, ANUJ EYE HOSPITAL.

“Lekhisoft has helped us in maintaining all the departments very effectively. The software has such unique features which makes all the work of hospital paper-less.” – Dr. C. S. Grover, ABHILASHA EYE HOSPITAL.

“First of all many congratulations to team of Lekhisoft Software Solution for short listing by AIOS. We are happy to share information about the same.

The Software is comprehensive and very relevant with current systems. Inter departmental data sharing very easy and accessible seamlessly.

The team of Lekhisoft is responsive, ready to understand the suggestion and requirement.

We wish them very best of luck for good job.” – Dr. J. S. Thind, THIND EYE HOSPITAL.

Vision for Tomorrow
Lekhisoft envisions a sustainable future for healthcare market with its user friendly and paperless working healthcare software solutions and services. Having being ranked as #1 EMR solution provider in Indian hospital industry, the company moves ahead to venture into the international market with its product Product Netram hospital Management system in Ophthalmology which can be accessed from I-phones, Desktops, Tablets and Smart Phones.

Knowing the Man behind Lekhisoft Success

Dr. Rajesh Lekhi – The Founder & The Director of Lekhisoft / lekhisoft softwre solution / lekhi hospitals / lekhisoft IT services and consultancy, Dr Rajesh is legendary. Pioneer in the field of IT/Ophthalmology and healthcare EMR, he earned his medical education from MGM Medical College Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. He started medical software development in the year 1996 and founded Lekhisoft in the year 1998. He is also a Medical Consultant in various industries (SRF Limited, L&T, Ritspin, Pratibha syntex, Llyod, Turbo cumins, Ipca, Gujrat Ambuja etc.) of India for more than a decade. He also runs chain of hospitals and poly clinic in the name of “Lekhi Hospitals and lekhi polclinc” in India. He also provide hospital Management consultancy to various hospital in India.

Brief on Hospital Management System, Patient Management System & Electronic Medical Record (EMR) in the field of Ophthalmology and Health care.

In 1998, Lekhisoft was founded by Dr. Rajesh Lekhi in Pithampur Induatrial area (M.P) Indore, with astounding vision in medical technology. Since Electronic Medical Record (EMR) technology is evolving, it is replacing traditional record maintenance on paper. Almost all government agencies, companies and healthcare organizations are moving towards this new trend in healthcare organization. The EMR has replaced the existing paper medical records as the primary source of information for healthcare purposes for all clinical, legal and administrative purposes.

Lekhisoft aims to deliver effective Hospital & ophthalmology management system and EMR to satisfy clients by providing high standards, which in return will generate customer value. Having a large network of clients in all over India, the company has been providing complete Hospital management software with EMR along with paperless hassle-free approach. Having more than 15 years’ experience in the Health industry, the technology is being successfully used at many leading health organizations throughout the country.

Lekhisoft is also recognized by CIO Review Magazine as “Company of the Year”.

Lekhisoft’s Services & Solutions
With the help of their expertise team, the company provides its services on the basis of given commitment and at effective cost as well.

  • Customization & Implementation– Customization & Implementation of their HMS – HOSPTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Medical software Packages for the Scope & Specific requirements of Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Private Clinics. Their two software development centers in India Viz., one at Pithampur and another at Indore are well equipped for today’s challenging and competitive technology demands for software development.
  • Application Development– Application Development is a key component in the quest to gain a competitive edge in Hospital Management software. This makes it critical that the project is done right without cost or time over-runs. Lekhisoft ensures that its Application Development solution aligns to the client’s business imperatives.