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Loans for everyone under one roof: IndiaLends

An unsecured loan is a loan debt rendered without the use of property or any kind of mortgages and thereby these are called as the signature loan or the personal loan. The Borrowers of such a loan should have high credit ratings to obtain an unsecured loan.

The Indian market for the unsecured loans is not well organized. Moreover, only a few lucky borrowers with high credit score are able to avail loans. Most of the borrowers end up in borrowing from unorganized lenders who demand high-interest rates. The unorganized system of unsecured loan in India led to the opportunistic inception of IndiaLend by its founders. Gaurav Chopra and Mayank Kachhwaha, the masterminds of IndiaLend vouched to improvise the unorganized system of lending. They created IndiaLends as the unique online platform which connects the lenders and the borrowers of unsecured loans in March 2015.

Today, Borrowers (salaried and self-employed) can apply for unsecured personal loans online by using an easy three step process. A range of financial institutions, including bank and NBFC lenders, can then quickly fund these loan requests. On IndiaLends, the loan approval decision is instant with short loan disbursal times. Lenders who approach IndiaLends are provided with the value-add services such as big-data analytics, credit risk assessment and verification and automated workflows for loan origination and management.

IndiaLend’s mission is to transform the financial sector in India by using innovative data sources and cutting-edge technology. IndiaLends is an online marketplace that connects borrowers looking to get a personal loan with lenders who specialize in granting unsecured loans.

Happy Clients
In just a year and a half, the client base of IndiaLends has grown tremendously to 8903. On this front, IndiaLends has supported a large number lending institutions and borrowers in assessing risk and securely borrow or lend money. Here are a few Happy Clients who speak about their experience with InidaLends.

“Really appreciate the customer care and customized services as committed by Indialends, they understand its importance in loan industry”– Vicky Gupta, Delhi

“Got loan from multiple lenders at one platform only…thanks to Indialends, got a chance to maintain CIBIL which may have been decreased in open market on applying multiple times” – Tushar Dutta, Delhi

“Got disbursal amount within two days of documentation as promised in beginning” – Swati Barua, Lucknow

“Indialends treated my loan on priority basis as I was in urgent need…were in regular touch whether it be me or lender at documentation, verification and disbursal” – Shirish Sharma, Jaipur

“My best wishes are always with Indialends. They helped me to maintain CIBIL by sending my application to right lender as per my profile” – Ashish Gupta, Delhi

“Had a very smooth loan disbursal process, I did not need to bother about anything. Thanks Indialends.” – Krishna Kumar, Hyderabad

Duo Founders
With a vision to improve credit scoring in India and to transform the opportunity in unsecured loan infrastructure services, the ex-professional of CapitalOne joined hands and founded the unique online platform called IndiaLends.

Here is a brief on the unique makers of the IndiaLends:

Gaurav Chopra one of founders of InidaLends carries a decade of exceptional experience in consumer and business unsecured credit across the US, UK and Indian markets. He has held various senior positions in Marketing, Business Development and Credit Risk at Capital One. Gaurav holds strong academic background. He has done him MBA from London Business School, MSc from London School of Economics and BA (Hons) in Mathematics from St. Stephens, New Delhi.

Mayank Kachhwaha who is also the founder of IndiaLends has half a decade of experience a Capital One in unsecured consumer and business credit across product verticals. A hails in-depth knowledge on credit risk modeling and valuations and has a track record of delivering value through excellent risk management practices. He has also the expertise of loss forecasting, BASEL capital modeling, product valuations and fraud risk management. Mayank is a BTech from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras.

Offering an Employee Friendly Work Culture

A few reasons why their employees love working with them:

  • Multi-discipline exposure: Work on projects with different functional teams and get exposed to different management disciplines.
  • Collaborative work environment: Take ownership of your own projects and work in a democratic team environment.
  • Impact: See how your ideas and projects create impact and lead to the growth of the company.
  • Meritocracy: Get recognized and rewarded for high performance quickly
  • Work-Life Balance: Be rewarded for doing smart-work not donkey-work.
  • Health Packages: Earn a mix of monetary and non-monetary incentives that are competitive across any company.
  • Success: Take pride in working for one of the fastest growing start-ups in the financial technology space.


“We attribute our exponential growth and success to our team of bankers, data scientists, technology and user interface developers and marketers with multiple years of experience in consumer and small business credit.”