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10 Fastest Growing Retail Companies 2017

“Our restaurant management expertise and innovative software solutions are the tools of a successful back-office restaurant operation”: PeachWorks


“We are passionate about helping our customers solve their business challenges, improve their operations, and increase their profitability.” 

About the company

PeachWorks was founded in 2005 with the goal of making restaurants more successful. Today, the company’s cloud solutions simplify reporting, inventory management, employee scheduling, and recipe management. Its company’s priority to connect the people in an organization to the tools needed to run a successful thriving business.

All of the PeachWorks apps are hosted in the cloud, providing anywhere access through a web connection on any device; whether it’s a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. No matter how many locations you have, make your restaurant data accurate and easy to interpret.

Many restaurant managers and corporate executives spend a good amount of their time on tasks that software applications can and should be managing. By leveraging restaurant software from PeachWorks, restaurateurs gain visibility into their data, which enables better decision-making.  This helps them to focus on their customers in the front of the house, by providing the comfort of knowing that key operations are being managed in a secure, robust environment.



Great communications can help a restaurant operate smoothly and grow, but relying on the paper log books, notepads, and even reminders scribbled on cocktail napkins are a reality for most restaurant managers and their teams. While somewhat functional, these systems have become problematic: log books are kept in the hands of one or just a few people; paper reminders go unnoticed or are not communicated; notes are misplaced. Possibly the biggest failure of paper log books is that you’re always looking for it. And in every case, there’s no visibility outside the individual store.

This is why PeachWorks created Log. It has the power to change a restaurant’s fortunes. Log can be accessed from any PC, tablet or smartphone. Users login, enter daily notes, and complete tasks and checklists. If a manager forgets something, they can easily enter it later from wherever they are. With Log, all the staff in a restaurant stay connected – in real time. They know exactly what tasks are needed next, performance expectations, daily sales goals and more.


Getting your data into a common format, tagged for analysis, is the core of a world-class back of house solution, because without those connections, you can’t produce reports with actionable information. One store’s ‘crème caramel’ is another store’s ‘flan’. If you’re going to analyze sales, you need a rosetta stone that brings everything together into a standard format. And that’s just where other systems tend to fall apart, causing you to find workarounds.

POS Hub connects your data sources, standardizes everything, provides exception reports on every data sync, and presents you with a visual dashboard. It gives restaurants the power to integrate with virtually any POS system, no matter where it’s housed or how old it may be. It can even seamlessly bring together data from stores running different POS systems.


PeachWorks Recipes is the easiest way to get nutritional information and ideal ingredient usage for every item on your menu. With Recipes, you can quickly manage your recipes using our global ingredient database that taps into sources including the USDA. Build menu components for commonly used groups of ingredients, and use them over and over in multiple menu items. Its cloud based and will automatically compute all of the nutritional information for your menu - the first step to complying with new menu labeling requirements. It even handles all the unit conversions, so you can enter recipes just as you cook them, without ever needing a calculator.

Add on POS Hub to connect to your POS, and Recipes provides the real-time insight into ideal usage and product mix profitability that restaurant managers need to make informed decisions and boost their bottom lines.


Looking for a powerful, yet easy to use employee scheduling solution? Schedule provides the simplicity of a spreadsheet, the look of Gantt bar schedules, the speed of drag-and-drop, and the intelligence of real-time business rule conflicts and overtime alerts - all in a single window.

Imagine spending less time creating schedules and managing conflicts and having your employees view their schedules and manage availability requests from the internet or their mobile phones. Employees can log in securely to view posted schedules, request days off, set preferred shift times, update availability, and swap shifts with other employees, while store managers have the ability to quickly and easily approve or reject requests as they need.


Let your data work for you. With Forecast you can quickly and easily configure your sales and labor forecasting formulas to provide an up to date and accurate picture of your restaurant’s sales for the next month. Harnessing the power of your sales numbers directly from your POS System you can see how historical figures will affect predicted sales. Each chart is customizable to quickly update based on unplanned for events or issues. See weather forecasts built into your charts to quickly estimate how Mother Nature may affect your sales. Choose to view your historical data as charts to quickly spot trends and identify outliers. With Forecast you’ll never be caught unawares again.

Meet the ace: Jim Kanir, CEO

Jim is the chief executive officer of PeachWorks and responsible for leading and generating business growth for the company. He is a seasoned executive in the world of software, with extensive management success in growing and accelerating global enterprise and SaaS companies, serving a wide variety of industry end customers. Prior to PeachWorks, Jim served as CRO at Vox Mobile and SVP of Sales & Marketing at Billtrust, and the CEO of Cohesia. He’s a graduate of Wilmington College, with a degree in business.

"No matter the size of your business, our state-of-the-art back office software bridges the information gap.”