30 Entrepreneurs of the Year 2016

Promoting Sophisticated, Innovative & Detailed Product Engineering: Glide Technology Pvt Ltd

“Headquartered in Ahmadabad Gujarat, Glide Technologies is second to none in detailed engineering.”

Founded in 2013, Glide Technologies follows the mantra God Lies in Detail (GLIDE). It is characterized by its detailed engineering of complex embedded technology with smooth gliding through design process for designing innovative products and solutions across various industry verticals. Glide owns complete responsibility of product design from conceptualization to actual product launch into the market. The product life cycle services include feasibility study, architecture & design, hardware & software design, application development, product QA & testing and pilot production. The company works with other design partner network companies to ensure customer doesn’t have to go to multiple agencies for Industrial design, software and prototype or pilot production.

Glide Services

  1. Product engineering – Glide works closely with customer design and marketing team to understand market requirements and offer flexible engagement model to join hands. It also offers end to end product engineering services covering entire spectrum of product life cycle with full ownership. It works with other design partner network companies to ensure customer doesn’t have to go to multiple agencies for Industrial design, software and prototype or pilot production.
  2. Design consultancy – The team has specialization in product architecture definition and conceptualization to ensure best product architecture and design concepts for easy transition to mass manufacturing.
  3. Hardware design services – Glide’s extensive expertise on all leading processor platforms and technologies gives it an edge to design hardware in optimum budget. It associates with the customer right from selection of processor and technologies to defining architecture, hardware design, testing, and certification.
  4. Extended design centre – The offshore design center of GLIDE can be extended design hub for customers. Its approach of working closely with customers design teams makes offshore design center operations completely transparent and vibrant where customers can work with the company freely.
  5. Embedded software – Glide offers embedded software and firmware design services covering entire spectrum of embedded software development for crafting industry leading product. They focus on software components selection for providing design flexibility through which product companies can maintain product line at minimal cost.
  6. Sustenance engineering – The Company offers complete product management services to free your design team for utilizing their talent and bandwidth for core R&D and new product designs. The sustenance services enable you to secure revenue streams from existing product lines and build loyalty of customer base to enhance products with manageable and predictable costs.

Areas of Expertise
Glide specializes in Design Consultancy, Embedded Product Design, Embedded Software Development, Pilot Production, Industrial Automation, Consumer Electronics, Security and Surveillance, Home Automation, Wireless Networking.

The Glide Benefits

  • Single point responsibility for complete product lifecycle
  • Partners for software, industrial design and manufacturing
  • Benefit of best engineering practices of multinationals
  • Innovative solutions to engineering problems
  • Reduced cost and time in market optimization

Case Study
Healthcare has come to rely on technologies for better treatment and therapy because of emerging devices that are compact, easy to use and portable. Glide came across a need for one such device that has both cold Laser Therapy and micro current electrical stimulation. These combined therapies in one device can help patients to get faster relief from chronic shoulder/neck pains. Glide studied the therapy concept and designed complete hardware and firmware of the units. It also involved interactive design along with industrial design partner to make product easy to use and aesthetically appealing. The device uses a laser, electrodes for delivery of the electrical stimulation. A conductive gel is used to provide transmission path between skin and device. The device is simple to operate with just two switches and LED display and is controlled with a microcontroller. The device has enough battery to last for 3-4 days of use for doctors handling multiple patients in a day. Simply put, the team helped the customer to design the product at a lower cost compared to competition products in the market.

“We have the requisite know-how and experience to provide one- stop-shop experience.”

Know the Key Executive

Upendra Patel, Founder – He is a veteran in the field of embedded product design with over three decades of rich industry experience. Spending 30 years in system design, he has managed complex product development projects across various industry verticals. His key strengths are product innovation, project management, and complex technology expertise in addition to great mentoring and motivating skills. He has directly worked with several International companies on various technologies for designing innovative products by following best practices and product development methodologies. He had conceptualized and managed several innovative products in consumer, video, security & surveillance, automation, medical, avionics and defense domains for multi-billion dollar industry leaders. Upendra graduated as a gold medalist in Electronics engineering from one of the top engineering college in Gujarat. Prior to Glide he worked as CTO at eInfochips for 12 years, after which he worked as R & D Manager at Masibus for 10 years.