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The Wireless Network of Tomorrow: Federated Wireless

“Headquartered in Arlington, VA with an office in Boston, MA, Federated Wireless solution breaks down traditional barriers of high cost and exclusive spectrum.”

Today, spectrum for wireless communications is exclusive and expensive, limiting the opportunity to add adequate infrastructure. Combined with the exponential growth of wireless data traffic, demand is outstripping the carriers’ ability to support the needs of their customers. Federated Wireless’ dynamic Spectrum Access System (SAS) platform will provide cost-effective spectrum to extend wireless carrier network access and scale where coverage is needed most.

Formed in 2012, Federated Wireless, Inc., a subsidiary of Allied Minds (LSE: ALM), provides innovative cloud-based wireless infrastructure solutions to extend the access of carrier networks. “Our dynamic Spectrum Access System (SAS) will revolutionize the way in which spectrum is allocated, managed, and optimized. Our unique approach incorporates a neural network of radio sensors allowing interference free access to low-cost, high-quality, licensed spectrum,” said Iyad Tarazi, CEO.

Federated Wireless stands today at the forefront of the wireless industry revolutionizing the way in which spectrum will be managed for the future. “We pioneered the 3-tiered dynamic shared spectrum technology, the model selected by the FCC for the 3.5GHZ band,” added Iyad.

Industry changing, innovative technologies are the heritage of the company. Federated Wireless is led by Iyad Tarazi and a team of industry veterans who continue to build on that heritage, pioneering new territory in the commercialization of licensed shared spectrum.

Why Federated Wireless
Federated Wireless is a dynamic startup focused on maximizing the utilization of wireless spectrum – opening opportunities for carriers, enterprises, and consumers to use wireless networks in ways they have never dreamt before.

Federated Wireless’ technology is as a Shared Spectrum solution and it will change how wireless works in the future – moving bandwidth from the finite resource that it is today to an abundant resource. So, in other words, think of a day when you can use wireless networks seamlessly – indoors or outdoors. No need to look for a Wi-Fi network because you are in a building, no fretting about constantly losing a data signal, no worries about not being able to access your apps in highly populated areas – paving the way to a more connected world and the Internet of Everything.

Solution Offerings

Cinq XP – Federated Wireless’ cloud-based CINQ XP platform, built on the foundation of shared spectrum, aims to deliver a balance between the low cost and versatility of unlicensed spectrum and the quality and predictability of licensed spectrum. CINQ XP gives service providers access to shared spectrum and the tools to plan, utilize and optimize the spectrum resources. CINQ XP drastically reduces the cost of network densification, providing new economics that help service providers extend LTE-based networks indoors, and open up new market opportunities. And what is even better, CINQ XP’s platform makes network planning easier than ever before.

Federated Wireless Spectrum Access System (SAS) – Spectrum is the foundation of all wireless infrastructure systems and is highly valued because it’s finite. Historically there are two main types of Spectrum: one for carriers, which have exclusive licenses, and one for Wi-Fi systems in unlicensed bands. The FCC’s recent Report and Order (R&O) outlines a new shard spectrum innovation technology. Shared Spectrum aims to create a balance between the low cost and versatility of unlicensed spectrum and the quality and predictability of licensed spectrum.

Federated Wireless Spectrum Access System (SAS) Pilot Program – Following the Federal Communications Commission’s April, 2015 Report and Order (R&O) creating the 3.5 GHz Citizens Broadband Radio Service, Federated Wireless will be conducting the industry’s first 3.5 GHz band pilot program utilizing a Spectrum Access System (SAS) and Environmental Sensing Capability (ESC) in collaboration with federal agencies. The pilot will validate Federated Wireless’ SAS and ESC technology can fully protect incumbent operations while ensuring operational security of federal users. The pilot will be an essential step toward formal certification of Federated Wireless SAS and ESC technology and will lead toward nationwide use of the 3.5 GHz band nationwide.

Client Testimonial
“The new 3.5GHz rules [R&O on Shared Spectrum] will provide tangible benefits for all Americans…the new rules will further increase the speed, capacity, and adaptability of wireless networks, leading to better mobile Internet performance for everyone.” – Tom Wheeler, Chairman, Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Meet the CEO
Iyad Tarazi joined Federated Wireless from Sprint Corp., where he served as Vice President of Network Development and led the Network Vision network modernization project. Responsibilities included overseeing the development and integration of new products and technologies within Sprint’s networks and managing Sprint-Nextel’s technology integration labs. Prior to the Sprint-Nextel merger, Iyad led Nextel’s Network Engineering organization, managing network planning, integration performance engineering, testing, and core deployment initiatives. He also held positions with MCI and served as a Board member for CafeX Communications, which specializes in collaborative software development. Iyad has a Masters in Engineering Management from Southern Methodist University and a Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland.

“We deliver innovative wireless infrastructure solutions that optimize spectrum and extend access to carrier networks.”