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Tyto Software: A Technology Firm Focused on Delivering World-Class Test Automation Solutions

“Headquartered in Bangalore, Tyto Software’s flagship product ‘Sahi Pro’ is a leading Web Test Automation Tool”

Businesses today are moving towards increased automation to enhance operational efficiency. The market opportunity for automation products and solutions is huge, with almost every industry exploring ways to use automation to increase their efficiency and productivity. Founded in 2009, Tyto Software Pvt. Ltd. is one such company that provides automation solutions for software testing.

Back in 2005, V. Narayan Raman (Founder & CEO) started working on Sahi, an open source web automation tool focused on testers. Sahi was well appreciated and seeing the traction, Narayan started Tyto as an organization providing commercial support for Sahi. The initial model was providing commercial support for open source Sahi, but it was not a viable long-term revenue model. Since he already had a working product, he spoke to some of the users to see if they will be willing to buy a Pro version with more features for a cost. They quite readily agreed and thus started Sahi Pro ( the product and Tyto Software the company in 2009. Today there are hundreds of customers of Sahi Pro worldwide.

Some of the challenges faced in the early days included moving from a support contract model to product model, finding the right pricing, juggling sales support and technology, finding the right employees, following up on payments etc. Thankfully, they got support from various quarters, expected and unexpected, which helped them sail along.Tyto Software has survived in the automation industry while competing with some large players. They have a niche web test automation solution focused on testers; their product ‘Sahi Pro’ has over 400 customers worldwide. Sahi Pro is used by enterprise customers across diverse industry verticals including Banking and Financial Services, Healthcare, IT Services, IT Products, Retail, Media & Entertainment, Telecom and Government

Tyto’s Flagship Offering ‘Sahi Pro’
Tyto’s flagship product Sahi Pro, is a leading Web Test Automation Tool which enables quality assurance and testing teams across verticals, to automate their web testing process. Apart from being very fast and reliable in execution, Sahi Pro is easy to learn and use which allows even the not-too-technical teams to adopt and reap good ROI from test automation.

The Trusted Experts
Tyto Software is a lean, technology focused organization well known for delivering world class products like Sahi and Sahi Pro. As a bootstrapped, profitable company, they are able to work on their goals without external pressures. The company takes pleasure in incorporating individual customer requirements into product features by having a direct means of communication with the customers. The efficiency in their internal processes allows them to service over 400 customers with a small team of 20 people. Tyto takes pride in its core value propositions of superior technical capability, ease of adoption, ease of maintenance, and affordable pricing along with excellent customer support.

The company works closely with major software product companies, who use the tool to automate testing of their web applications. The captive units of multinational companies are also their target audience, who use the tool to automate testing of their in-house web applications.

Tyto Software is truly a global company, which is enabling its customers to create the best quality products to achieve business goals. They have more than 400 Enterprise customers using their flagship product Sahi Pro. Some of Tyto’s prestigious clients include Metricstream, ArisGlobal, Fiserv, Inspired Thinking Group (ITG), Mahindra Comviva, and the captive IT unit of the world’s largest providers of financial services.

Plotting the Future
Tyto has set the standards for years in the space of Web Automation by keeping a strategic focus on browser/web automation and easier devops during testing.Currently, the company is ramping up their product line to include native Mobile and native Desktop application testing, two of the key feature requests of their customers. They are also working on integrations with third party tools in the ecosystem.

Client Testimonials
“The major reason we chose Sahi Pro was because it is light, simple and provides all the basic functions needed by us. Every team member is able to pick up in very short time as compared to other tools like HP and IBM Rational Tester.” – Tan Lun Suan, QA Manager, Integro Technologies (subsidiary of Aurionpro).

“Sahi Pro Automation tool has been built with the QA fraternity in mind and does not require advanced software programming skills. It is easy to use across multiple browsers and the support from the Sahi team is always prompt.” – Basheer Shaik, Head of Quality Assurance, Inspired Thinking Group (ITG).

“We have been able to meet our automation goals after starting to use Sahi quickly and without the need to hire resources with specialized skills. The Sahi team has always been available to provide quick turnaround on support issues. Sahi team has always been open about including specific challenges that we encouraged into their roadmap.” – Anil Bhat, Associate Vice President, R&D., MetricStream Inc.

“Sahi Pro provides a one stop solution to most of our test automation requirements. It’s innovative feature of smart combination of record-playback along key-word generation for key-word driven tests and data- driven tests and suite executions makes it a unique test automation tool to meet the demand for rapid automation.’’ – Dr. Kailash K P Chanduka (PhD), Head- Testing Shared Services, Aris Global Software Pvt. Ltd.

“We continuously adapt our product to be able to test the latest technologies”

Meet the Man behind Tyto Software

V. Narayan Raman, Founder & CEO – A technologist and problem solver at heart, Narayan is the author of Sahi, a leading web test automation tool. He has over 15 years of experience in the software industry with stints in various product and consulting companies like eGain Communications,, Talentica Software, ThoughtWorks. He holds a B. Tech degree in Chemical Engineering from IIT Mumbai.