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World-Class IT Solutions provided at Your Service: AKS IT Services

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, Business professionals must pay more attention to the security of their organization’s connections. It seems like every week there are new headlines about hackers bringing an organization to its knees. The stolen funds, bad publicity and embarrassing revelations are front page news. How to protect an organization from these issues? AKS is the answer, Read-on to know how.

AKS IT Services Pvt Ltd is the synergic effort of the two great minds, Veteran WgCdr Ashish Kumar Saxena and Archana Saxena, aiming to be the leading partner with all users of IT systems enabling them to operate in a secure cyber world by providing IT security services far exceeding the expectations and bring about customer delight. The company Started with a count of 4 employees, it has now 50+ employees, it has so far carried out 4800+ Web application security audit and 350+ network security audits and created two Cyber Forensics Labs. The company has two subsidiaries – AKS Institute of Cyber Technology (founded in 2012) for providing training in cyber security and Haltdos (founded in 2015) for developing cutting-edge security products. Under the captainship of the both, last year, the company has been awarded Express IT award for “BEST INNOVATION” in the MSME sector for the year 2015 for indigenization of Cyber Forensics Workstation and for making India’s first DDoS mitigation solution HaltDos.

Website Security Audit: An application security assessment looks at the application and reports on weaknesses found. Contrary to penetration tests, here the ultimate goal is not to penetrate the application, but to report on vulnerabilities found. The methodology is based on the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) testing guide for tests on the (web) application level.

Cloud Security Audit: Cloud Security is a shared responsibility between Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and the client, degree of responsibilities depends upon types of cloud services requisitioned. They provide auditing and consulting services which include: Review of SLA, Security Policies, Threat and Vulnerability Management, Application & Interface Security, Access Control & Authorization, Compliance of existing policies, Business Continuity Planning & Management, Change Control & Configuration Management, Data Security & Information Lifecycle Management and more.

Software Testing: Software Testing is a process of verifying & validating that a software/application/product meets the user requirement as expected. It improves the reliability, stability and performance of the application. Their objective is to ensure the correctness & completeness of the deliverables with respect to business requirements. The approach is to identifying:

  • Functional Testing: It will be performed on the dynamic environment and check functionalities of the software as per the provided FRS & SRS.
  • Code Review: The focus is to find out the errors related to business logics, functional logics and security issues.
  • Performance Testing: At AKS IT Services, the team ensures the stress/concurrent users should be bearable by the software/Server and monitor response time for identifying the pinpoint areas.
  • Interoperability Testing: Focuses on interoperability where they ensure whether the given sotware program is compatible with others and promotes cross use functionality.
  • Usability Testing: It is an important area which should be carried out in the right manner for optimizing the software acceptability among the target audience.

The Client Dimension

The company provides services invariably in all the sectors from Central Govt, State Govt, PSUs, Banks and Corporates. They are the pioneers in carrying out audit of Industrial Control Systems in Power Sector. The company now is focusing on Banking & Telecom sectors. HaltDos has been specifically made for Banking Sector and Internet Service Providers. The big clients include NIC, NTPC, CBSE, Power Grid, Siemens, Ericson, Hitachi, Emerson, TCS, NIIT, APTS, ELCOT, DIT Maharashtra, Singtel and more.

“It has been a real pleasure working with you. Thanks once again to the whole team who worked on holidays to meet the project requirement in time.”Technical Director, NIC Kerala State Centre.

“It was a very nice experience to have your consultant for audit. has profound knowledge of the subject and the entire things were explained to us in a very lucid way.”Manager (ITS), State Bank of India.

“Thank you for the support, you and your team have provided even after the office hours and on calls.”Project Leader, Tata Consultancy Services.
Cyber Forensic and Crime Investigation

Media Forensics: For retrieving deleted files from any storage media like hard-disk, pen-drive, memory stick and tapes. Tools used are Encase, FTK, Pro Discover etc.

Imaging Forensics: For retrieving deleted files from any storage media like hard-disk, pen-drive, memory stick and tapes. Tools used are Encase, FTK, Pro Discover etc.

Email Forensics: For finding the origin of an e-mail sender machine from where the mail in question is sent. Tools Used are Paraben Mail Examiner, Email Tracker Pro etc.

Mobile Forensics: For retrieving and co-relating deleted data from any mobile phone and simcards. Tools Used are Oxygen, SecureView3, X-Ways, Paraben Sim card reader etc.

Meet the Leadership Team

Veteran WgCdr Ashish Kumar Saxena, MD: Ashish is an M. Tech Computer Technology alumnus from IIT Delhi, CISSP, CISA, MBCI, ISO-27001 LI, Chartered Engineer and Fellow of Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers, Ashish has been trained in Sweden, France and USA. He has held various appointments in Indian Air Force, including Chief Engineering Officer of a Flying Station and Joint Director (Information & Electronic Warfare) at Air HQ. Recipient of VishistSeva Medal from the President of India. Ashish was the first Operations Manager of CERT-In (Indian Computer Emergency Response Team). Ashish was recently awarded Express IT award for best innovation of the year 2015 by the Minister of Communication & IT, Government of India.

Anshul Saxena, COO: Anshul is an MS (Information Security) candidate from Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA and has a total of 7 years of work experience in managing Software Development & Testing. He is the innovator of India’s first DDoS mitigation solution, ‘HaltDos’. He is presently CEO of HaltDos and CTO of AKS IT Services.

Archana Saxena, Head of Human Resource: Archana is one of the founding directors and has an impressive 18 years of experience in managing schools & teaching. She is presently the Director (Adm & HR) and also managing Akash Memorial Charitable Trust.

Founder’s Words: With 10 years of experience in the security domain, we are now focussing on expanding the offerings in other geographies as well as develop indigenous cyber security products under the ‘Make in India’ program and offer our solutions in India and the rest of the world.
“Our relentless effort in focusing on quality and timely delivery of our services differentiates us from others.”