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Facebook Lite takes into account more than 200 million monthly active users


2017-02-10 Silicon Review

Smarter version of Facebook, known as Facebook Lite, is an app planned by Facebook with a motive to run on low RAM smartphones recently created buzz by hitting mark of having more than 200 million monthly active users.

Smaller than 1 MB, Facebook Lite ropes more than 50 languages has rolled out in more than 150 countries from side to side Latin America, Asia, Africa and parts of Europe.

"We built a light version of Facebook for people with low bandwidth internet. Now 200 million people use it to connect around the world. I loved hearing this news - what a great start to the day," Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg said in a post.

Commenced in June 2015, Facebook Lite was kick-started with a mission to make it easier for users to access Facebook in areas with mottled and deprived internet connection. Basically it was launched as a slimmed-down version of Facebook whose mechanism in phones is with less RAM and consumes less room compared to the standard Facebook version.

In many other areas, where networks can be sluggish or not capable to run the functionality found in Facebook for Android, so Facebook Lite gives people a better Facebook experience when bandwidth is at a minimum.

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