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Facebook will now allow you to adjoin country’s flag to your Profile frame


2017-02-28 Silicon Review

Social networking giant ‘Facebook’ has introduces updated the Profile Frames characteristics to contain about 200 national flags that facebook users can pin to the corner of their profile window. Originally initiated to allow users to show their support for their most cherished sports team, later on Profile Frames was upgraded to let its users submit their own frames. So, now users can also mark their own country.

As the TechCrunch seems to consider that stir is at probability with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s vision on having an informed global community. But, as The Verge points out, Facebook is also concerned about “creating and crafting your own identity.” Well earlier this month, the 32 years old CEO came up with a 6,000 word proposal where he accredited Facebook’s accountability, as a 1.6 billion strong social network, towards the world. With that he also sketched his dream of bringing communities jointly by gathering people together with widespread benefits to actually know each other.

CEO of social networking giant ‘Zuckerberg’ desires to fetch the fractured and isolated communities that would make up Facebook into a more supportive worldwide community and perk up conversation.


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