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10 Fastest Growing Data Analytics Companies 2017

 Silicon Review


Company Management Description
Bob Muglia,
Snowflake is a fully-managed service with a pay-as-you-go-model that works on structured and semi-structured data. Prior generations of data warehouses created the struggle for data which results in groups waiting in line to get at data; not looking at the same data; and, wondering if they’re acting on the most recent data. Snowflake’s data warehouse built for the cloud finally ends this struggle. With Snowflake, you get your data without limits.
Rob Sanchez,
MeritDirect is the leading provider of global multi-channel solutions, offering integrated marketing through a wide array of products and services. Multi-channel marketers achieve and maximize superior return through MeritDirect’s Customer Acquisition and Retention, Data and Media Services, Marketing Databases, Strategic Services Group and International Services.
Prat Moghe,
Founder and CEO
Cazena’s mission is to radically simplify data processing in the cloud Cazena offers a fully-managed, big data platform as a service with solutions for data science, data lakes and data warehousing. Now it’s simple, secure and cost-effective for enterprises to migrate and run data processing on Microsoft Azure and AWS. The platform is powered by best of breed software, making Cazena the fastest way to get production-grade deployments of Cloudera Spark, Hadoop, RStudio Server, AWS Redshift, Greenplum or others.
CBIG Consulting
Todd Nash,
CBIG Consulting provides Business Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, and Data Warehouse consulting services. It delivers a full spectrum of data-centric initiatives: Marketing Analytics, Data Monetization, Predictive Analytics, Competitive Intelligence, Operational Analytics, Cloud Analytics, Dashboards and Reporting, Data Warehouses, Data Integration, Data Science, Master Data Management, Data Governance. This includes Strategy, Planning, Roadmaps, Assessments, Architecture, Deployment, Managed Services.
Charlie Oppenheimer,
Loggly is the world’s most popular cloud-based, enterprise-class log management service, serving more than 10,000 customers including one-third of the Fortune 500. The Loggly service integrates into the engineering processes of teams employing continuous deployment and DevOps practices to reduce MTTR, improve service quality, accelerate innovation, and make better use of valuable development resources. It offers an alternative to traditional, search-based log analysis by structuring and summarizing your log data before you ask it to.
Ambadipudi, CEO
Clairvoyant is a leading technology consulting & services company with presence in North America and Asia. We help organizations build innovative products and platforms using data, analytics and the cloud. Its deep vertical knowledge helps support purpose-built solutions to meets our client’s unique business requirements.
Sushil Thomas,
Co-Founder and
Arcadia Data provides the first native visual analytics software that runs within modern data platforms for the scale, flexibility, performance and security users need to glean meaningful and real-time business insights and design data-centric applications in the era of big data and IoT. Arcadia Enterprise is purpose-built to analyze large volumes of data without moving it, filling the gap between self-service BI and advanced analytics for use cases like cyber security, connected devices, and customer intelligence.
Sarabjot Kaur,
Experfy is a consulting and training platform for AI, big data and IoT with 30,000 data scientists. To address an extreme scarcity of talent in this space, Experfy began as an on-demand marketplace, where some of the world’s most prestigious data science talent bids on consulting projects. In addition, the same experts are engaged in developing training content focused on specific verticals and use-cases. Combining self-paced courses with live instruction, Experfy data experts are helping companies in up-skilling their workforce.
Guy Churchward, President & CEO DataTorrent provides fast, simple, and resilient solutions to enable you to discover the hidden value of your Big Data. Powered by the open-source platform Apache Apex, which is in production with organizations of all sizes from startups to the Fortune 10, DataTorrent delivers real-time streaming to help you ingest, process and analyze all relevant data to innovate fast and drive continuous business transformation.
Eli Singer,
Co-founder &
Jethro makes interactive Business Intelligence work on Big Data. (Hadoop). It enables Business Intelligence users to analyze and visualize Big Data in real-time. Jethro’s SQL Acceleration Engine seamlessly integrates with BI tools like Tableau or Qlik. As the only SQL engine that harnesses complete indexing and a columnar structure, Jethro empowers users with truly interactive BI on Hadoop & Amazon S3.

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