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10 Fastest Growing BYOD Solution Providers 2017

A new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turned into an innovation: 42Gears Mobility Systems

thesiliconreview-onkar-singh-ceo-42gears-mobility-systems-17How It All Started

Mobile devices nowadays have become ubiquitous. Every enterprise is trying to reap benefits out of mobile devices to mobilize their business process. A large number of devices of different types and form factors are being deployed by companies for solving real-world business problems. With the adoption of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), businesses are offering employees’ freedom to use their mobile devices for both personal as well as official use. Though this flexibility to combine business and personal devices is considered progressive for businesses, it also makes them vulnerable to a host of security threats and other risks.

Two brilliant minds, Onkar Singh and Prakash Gupta preempted the gaps around the security, monitoring, and management of these devices running on different operating systems. To fill that void and with a mission to design and develop a highly modular yet cost-effective mobility solution to the problem, the duo established 42Gears Mobility Systems.

42Gears offers Enterprise Mobility Management, BYOD and Secure Email solutions. Over the last few years, 42Gears has built multiple software products and is proud of the fact that over 7000+ companies in 107 countries around the world use its services for secure and efficient deployment of mobile applications on wide variety of devices.

Today, 42Gears Mobility Systems is a leading Enterprise Mobility Management provider.

A Typical BYOD Project Roll-Out

A BYOD solution requires considerable support from OS platforms to make it secure and robust. 42Gears supports Google Android Enterprise and Apple Device Enrollment Program. 42Gear UEM platform offers a flexible and effective solution to enable employee personal phones for work and counter security risks that come with it.

It not only enable admins to create secure work container by separating business and personal apps but also restricts functions like copy, pasting to and from work apps, opening a corporate attachment, files, and links in personal apps and browsers.

42Gears BYOD solution offers out-of-box features like Enterprise App Store which allows admins to select and approve enterprise apps for employees. Admin can customize app permissions as well. Also, when an employee leaves the company, admin can just wipe work container, deleting all apps and data within, while leaving personal apps and data untouched.

Under BYOD, 42Gears UEM offers MAM (Mobile Applications Management) functionalities such as administrative push, updating custom and public (app store) apps and management of associated app licenses. MIM (Mobile Identity Management) is offered through digital certificates, allowing enterprises to authenticate the identity of users and grant access to trusted devices and enterprise applications.

42Gears offers BYOD solution for Android, iOS and Windows devices.

The Success Chime

No company has reached the heights of success without overcoming hurdles. The struggle has a vital role to play in every company’s history. There is no success sans struggle.

42Gears company has always aligned itself to the roadmap of offering the cutting-edge solution for managing BYOD and Company Owned devices. Taking advantage of new features in the newer operating systems is one challenge, but an equally important challenge is to ensure backward compatibility.

The most innovative companies in the world are the best at creating products that meet the customers’ needs and exceed the expectations. BYOD is seeing a standardized policy-based approach, as opposed to an informal approach adopted by enterprises earlier. 42Gears has helped several organizations realize better ROI by helping them move beyond securing email to secure business enablement using mobile apps.

The company immensely values its customer’s feedback as it helps the company in figuring out the strengths and weaknesses, and also helps provides actionable insight to create a better customer experience.

Today, 42Gears products are used across several industry verticals like logistics, BFSI, retail, education and pharma.

Crafting the Future Roadmap

Technology changes fast. 42Gears is constantly upgrading its products and services to keep pace with these changes.

BYOD follows the trend of consumerization and as this continues, it will extend well-beyond simple device ownership. Employees will bring an entire environment with them — from applications and services, to personal networks and collaborative workspace and 42Gears roadmap is aligned to ‘give power to people’.

The company has been working to enable management of connected devices (IoT). Taking advantage of machine learning, 42Gears have also introduced “DeepThought”; the world’s first AI-powered Virtual Assistance Chatbot for mobility management.

42Gears is the first EMM vendor to support management of Android Wearable and Linux operating system. It is moving towards offering Unified Endpoint Management through its EMM solution and will be adding support for more wearables and other IoT platforms in the coming months.

Also, the company is building tools aimed at enhancing the productivity of high-performance teams. One such tool enables secure sharing and management of contacts across the organization. Users can easily locate a contact with a few taps or just with a voice command.

Knowing the Key Executives

Onkar Singh is the founder & CEO of 42Gears Mobility Systems. Onkar has two decades of experience in building leading products for enterprise mobility market. He is a computer science and engineering graduate from National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar.

Prakash Gupta is the Co-Founder & CTO of 42Gears Mobility Systems. He is responsible for all technology and product development at 42Gears. With over 12 years of experience, Prakash was involved in building market-leading mobile computing solutions at Motorola.


Abhay Koranne manages business development, strategy, customer and partner relationships at 42Gears. He has close to two decades of IT experience at Infosys, IGATE and Collabra for setting up businesses around Mobility, Analytics and Big Data.


Ashok Poojari oversees overall finance function, taxation and compliance at 42Gears. He has over 13 years of professional experience in the finance domain and is also an Associate member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.


"We are what our customers think of us. We work hard to come up with most efficient and cost-effective solutions to customer problems. Seeing our customers happy is the most inspiring for us and drives us to move further with even more energy and vigor." - Onkar Singh, CEO, 42Gears