Why Facebook is letting the Messenger Free for All?

Why Facebook is letting the Messenger Free for All?
The Siliconreview
07 October, 2015

A good strategy  makes a company grow in terms of gaining customers and business. And if it is about a social media platform like Facebook, then strategy is the attribute that is making them popular in the world.

As we know, Messenger is one of the most wanted applications for Facebook users and it has gained a lot of popularity as it is  easy to access from mobile phones. Facebook has decided to set free the rules of using messenger for their customers as they really want it to be an open platform for all other applications outside Facebook.

So from now on, people  need not necessarily log in to Facebook in terms of using messenger. They can log in through their mobile numbers and reasonable user details will be enough for the process. This system will enable messenger to get details of all contacts of the user and from outside so that the user can contact anybody through it.

The best part of this change is that messenger will have the same features in it though it will be an individual platform all together. Facebook stated in its announcement that except the log in process everything else remains the same.

Facebook believes that though messenger currently has more than 700 million users who log in monthly, which is roughly half of Facebook’s total monthly user base, there is a good chance that there will be a lot more of its growth by this decision. Not only that, but Facebook has recently changed Messenger to give users more granular control over location sharing. Facebook hinted that the change could potentially make way for integration with ride hailing services like Uber. The new process has been introduced only in the U.S, Canada, Peru and Venezuela. The new sign-in feature will soon arrive in other countries.