Snapchat enrolls its first major search tool product since IPO

Snapchat enrolls its first major search tool product since IPO
The Siliconreview
04 April, 2017

Snap Inc., the company behind the making of mobile messaging service Snapchat introduced a new way for the users to submit video and photos to stories that can be searched and seen by a wider audience.

The company has been hand-curating publicly submitted stories into video reels for ongoing events, like the Super Bowl or the Women's March. Currently, the company is also using information in posts, like text and visual elements, to automatically display pertinent ones in a search. All these posts are searchable only when the users make them public by submit them to "Our Story," an option users get when deciding who gets to see their photos and videos. Regarded as company’s first major search product, and the first new product since its early public offering  in March, the company needs to agitate out new updates and services because Facebook is gradually generating copies of Snapchat's most-popular features.

"We've built a new way to understand what's happening in snaps that are submitted to Our Story, and to create new Stories using advanced machine learning," the company mentioned in its blog post.

While other analysts who rate Snap a "buy" cite their faith that the company will carry on rolling attractive products more quickly than Facebook. The company had launched its basic "stories" feature in October 2013. Following it, the other giants such as Facebook added a version of it to Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and its main social network.

"Snap keeps its place as the lead innovator, with Facebook playing catch up," Brian Fitzgerald, an analyst at Jefferies, said in a note to investors this week.