If you have a Galaxy S8, get ready to discover latest music!!!

If you have a Galaxy S8, get ready to discover latest music!!!
The Siliconreview
20 June, 2017

The partnership between Samsung and Google has already been a major talk. It was always good news for the music enthusiasts. Back in April Samsung had announced that it has forged an exclusive alliance with Google, under which the Galaxy S8 will make Play Music as its default music player and music provider. The users had an option to set Play music as the default music player. Now an additional feature has been added into this. New Release Radio is yet another result of Google and Samsung‘s partnership that was announced in late April with the launch of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. Not only is Google’s streaming service the default music player on Samsung’s new high-end devices but their owners are eligible for a three-month subscription at no cost and can also upload 100,000 of their songs to the cloud, twice as much than what the company is usually offering. With the specifications that they provide, it also allows the users to add the New Release Radio station to their libraries when using the Google Play web interface.  It makes use of a technology where the ‘new release radio’ can even keep track of the songs that you listen to and identify the music tastes accordingly. This in turn can introduce the users to new music or artists depending on their search history. Whether it is exclusively available for Galaxy users or others, anything that introduces users to new music is always appreciable and welcomed!