Huawei to launch a 512GB Smartphone

Huawei to launch a 512GB Smartphone
The Siliconreview
24 March, 2018

Have you ever wondered if there would be a phone where we can store endless data? Well, a new phone from Huawei with a rumored 512GB of internal space could make this happen. If they launch such a phone then it might probably beat iPhone which has an internal storage space of 256GB at the maximum. The amount of space would be even bigger than most of the MacBook Pro series laptops.

The new phone from Huawei appeared on the Chinese regulatory agency TENAA’s website last month. According to a source, the new phone will be geared up with some 6GB of RAM and a whopping 512GB of internal storage. It may not be the forthcoming P20 but as we know from the leaks, this phone could possibly be the Porsche version of the P20, which will certainly be more extravagant.

Earlier, Samsung had manufactured 512GB drives for phones back in December 2017. While there is no such evidence what Huawei would use, it’s clear that the trend of huge internal storages phones has begun. Enormous amounts of internal storage in phones are very useful nowadays, particulary when people want to record for a longer period of time on their phone’s camera. It will be useful for recording 4K videos since every three minutes of 4K footage takes up to 1GB of space. We would probably be able to capture a full day long 4K video with Huawei’s 512GB Smartphone. So, it would be great if this smartphone is launced in the market soon.