Forecast for 2023: IT Operations Analytics Market Research Report

Forecast for 2023: IT Operations Analytics Market Research Report
The Siliconreview
09 August, 2018

In the past, the operations on IT Analytics was projected to grow from USD 2.78 billion from 2016 to USD 19.84 billion in 2013(according to reports). The Compound Annual Growth Rate was about 38.7% during the forecast timeframe.  Bring Your Own Device and Internet of Things are currently being implemented in all the IT operations at a very fast pace. The growth is intense and it is evident that organizations across the world will soon consider BYOD as an alternative to cut cost. The reason for this adaptation is the constant evolution of the IT field and numerous new technologies popping up. Organizations are finding it tough to maintain a parallel speed with the ongoing technology. Today’s market is filled with startups and medium size businesses that focus on a particular vertical. The need and thirst for a better solution is constantly growing

According to the market Intelligence report, the comprehensive analysis of all IT situation and operations are overloading with stress and the need for improvement. The future forecast followed by the detailed past progress and present market scenario clearly shows that new strategies are constantly being implemented. Among all this BYOD is at the top due to its simple and easy to do solution. Although the risk of losing confidential information still stands, it might work if the entity operating on it can be trusted. So what will we see in 2023? Well, we will have to wait and see.