Powered by Google, IDgital and Zazmic launch Radiology Cloud Platform

Powered by Google, IDgital and Zazmic launch Radiology Cloud Platform
The Siliconreview
02 August, 2018

IDgital is collaborating with Zazmic, a US-based software company to roll out a cloud platform for radiology. Dubbed as ‘Digital assistant’, the platform will be fully integrated with Google’s AI and maching learning technologies.

The partnership will help IDgital to introduce a cloud-based diagnostic radiology tool. Both the companies are looking to build up a platform that will help physicians to gain scientific information that has conventionally been unavailable to them at the time of treatment.

Google’s Voice, cloud speech-to-text, and deep mind for Google technologies will be integrated with the platform. The integration is targeted to replace the present-day conveyor belt workflow commonly found in healthcare systems today.

The platform is designed to make things easier for physicians, as it will perform difficult tasks on behalf of the physician. With that, doctors can focus only on the present state of the patients.

IDgital is a company that provides compact radiology solutions by bringing together the modern day technologies and radiology in a meaningful way while combining their technology with the goals of radiologists which never replaces them.

With a global reorganization, Zazmic leverages Google cloud and delivers high- tech features and services like custom software for data Science, Web - Python, Java,Net, Node, Angular React - Mobile - iOS & Android.