Softrader: the English software company, rolls out new ERP software

Softrader: the English software company, rolls out new ERP software
The Siliconreview
11 May, 2018

Earlier this week, Softrader has launched its new browser based ERP system, which is exclusively created for suppliers .The new ERP system by Softrader will give a major boost to many oil and gas related industries. The company is engaged in solving major tasks in its workflow which includes enquiry and order entry, purchasing, stock control, document creation and storage, etc.

Few advances in software for business in recent years have been as significant as the move toward browser based systems”, says Softrader Managing Director, Jono Slack.

It has been around 25 years, since Softrader started producing ERP software for valve and pipe merchants and the company is still continuing the process. Right now, with the new system, they are more adhered towards assisting the clients for reaping the full benefits of cloud computing. The major advantage of this system is that, data will be stored in the cloud and users can only use their personal devices to use it. In house servers are not required to cut down the IT costs.

Furthermore, the company allows its clients to choose from different pricing models depending upon the requirements. The new billing model is very reasonable including for those who want to transfer data from an old system within a quick span of time.

"Softrader Cloud has proved both cost effective to implement and easy scale as our business grows”, says Mike Wainwright from Ascendant Technologies.