The Speculation on Apple’s Wireless Charger Release Date

The Speculation on Apple’s Wireless Charger Release Date
The Siliconreview
03 July, 2018

Although the company has declared the release of wireless charger last September, it is yet to be out in the market. Apple mentioned it has some technical challenges due to which the production is being delayed. These chargers will be compatible with those iPhones that can be charged wirelessly. Not to mention, it is an AirPower charger that would be the latest breakthrough for Apple and eventually attract those who travel a lot as part of their daily routine.

In the past, many publications said that the charger would release in February, but eventually, it didn't. For now, almost the entire community thinks that Apple will release the AirPower charger exactly after a year. In other words, it is speculated that in September the charger will be released along with few other surprises from Apple.

According to the announcement in 2017, Apple said the charger could charge three devices at a time. That is an iPhone X or an iPhone 8, Airpods and Apple’s Watch Series 3 through the charging case. Do not, however, forget there are wireless chargers available in the market that is manufactured by various developers that can charge three devices at a time. Many raised a question as to why Apple has taken such a long time to come up with the wireless charger. Since it uses Qi-charging specifications, it should be able to withstand much more and produce top-notch tech.

But all in all, there have to be certain reasons for the late release. All we have to do is wait and watch if the company makes a move soon.