As a Threat to Snapchat's Dominance, Facebook to Offer AR Ads

As a Threat to Snapchat's Dominance, Facebook to Offer AR Ads
The Siliconreview
11 July, 2018

The augmented reality advertising space has a new user and it is none other than Facebook. We all know that this space was dominated by Snap in the past, after the announcement on Tuesday many would think that this step is something that will really change the Facebook platform. Users of Facebook can also experience Augmented Reality through their cameras just by pointing it towards certain compatible things in the real world. 

The process is simple; these ads will superimpose computer-generated images on top of every real-world camera and give a user a chance to experience the fusion of the virtual world and the real world.  The most AR based application was Pokémon Go that released in 2016. The game procured over 80 million users in the US alone. Now according to The Boston Consulting Group, it is estimated that the user count will reach 120 million by the end of 2021.

For now, Snap is considered to be the industry’s leading AR ads user, with the help of its Snapchat filters called lenses, it surely attracted more users. Apple is also expected to implement AR based technology in the future, so we may see a new competitor as well. Not mention that Apple is also encouraging developers to make content for the technology by using its ARKit.

From trying on sunglasses to clothes, everything will be featured in the Facebook AR based ads, so we may see a new “try and buy” method through AR ads.