Huawei – Developing a New Phone for All the Gaming Enthusiasts

Huawei – Developing a New Phone for All the Gaming Enthusiasts
The Siliconreview
04 July, 2018

We have already seen Razer developing phones that focus on gaming compatibility. Since gaming through mobile phones is on the rise now because of major games releasing on both Android and iOS platforms. Huawei has decided to come up with its own gaming phone in order to meet the market’s demand. Assuming that Huawei’s proprietary software that has heavy features will support major games played around the world.

Many believe that GPU Turbo addition will play the central role in gaming phones industry. By boosting gaming efficiency of Huawei’s Kirin chips by 60 percent and cutting down the battery consumption by a third, it is safe to assume that we might see a good phone for gamers.

Games like Asphalt 8, C-OPS, Final Fantasy, Shadowgun Legends, Pokémon Go and many other games require a fast-paced phone that can also hold good graphics. So the specs should be very impressive because Huawei believes it will deliver what the customer seeks. Let us take Asus ROG as an example, it can either match it or surpass the specs of this phone. So we can see 8GB RAM or more on the new Huawei phone.

The release date is speculated to be somewhere at the end of 2018 and fans can expect Kirin processor, with a 970 Kirin chip. All in all, this phone is said to meet the expectation of all those gamers out there. So, let us see if this phone can actually give its users a better experience.