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Kuwait International Airport Use Microsoft Azure to Improve Efficiency

Kuwait International Airport Use Microsoft Azure to Improve Efficiency
The Silicon Review
25 January, 2019

Kuwait International Airport and Microsoft have announced a partnership, in which the software giant’s Azure Cloud solutions will be used by Kuwait International Airport to modernize its operations. The announcement was made public on Thursday.

The airport is operated by the country’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

Since the airport handles almost 25M passengers per year, DGCA has deployed the Azure cloud solution to become ready for the future and handle the frequent changes in the aviation industry.

By deploying the Azure cloud, DGCA will be able to collect, manage, and assess airport data and convert them into data visualizations and effective business intelligence. All the data analyzing process will be digitalized, making things easier for its employees. The managers will be able to gain real-time information to manage operations seamlessly.

In 2016, DGCA transferred around 3000 of its employees to Microsoft Office 365 and deployed Microsoft team to enhance productivity, communication, and partnerships with and among field workers.

The partnership will empower the employees of the airport by providing them with the insights for making quick decisions.

Apart from the new development, the airport authorities are also planning to use Azure Machine Learning. It will help to automate its decision-making process, resulting in human ingenuity and cut down the risk of possible errors. 

“The Government of Kuwait wants to better address issues that many international airports face: high traffic, long lines, and inefficient gate assignments,” quoted Mohammad Al-Mutairi, Directorate General of Civil Aviation IT operations manager.