Digital health Solutions LLC Launches Epilepsy Software

Digital health Solutions LLC Launches Epilepsy Software
The Siliconreview
01 Febuary, 2019

Digital Health Solutions LLC, an American health tech startup has launched its software platform. The new software will assist doctors to stop the sudden death risk among epilepsy patients.  The company has introduced the software under its Child Health Improvement through Computer Automation.

The software is designed for parents who wish to respond to different questions on an electronic tablet. The questions may be on several health topics, which also include epileptic seizures.

The program follows up questions for children suffering from seizures. The questions will be on topics like medical adherence, frequency and barriers to accessing care.The physicians can also collect information from the program.

It also creates a reminder for the physicians to discuss about SUDEP (sudden expected death in epilepsy). The reminder is created through the patient’s electronic health record. With that, the physicians can make a note on SUDEP and produce printed textbooks.

When the SUDEP module was tested with over 2,300 children for screening epilepsy, 1.3 percent of the families reported that patients were affected by the disease. 47 percent of the patients had a seizure in the last 12 months, which made them a high risk of SUDEP, stated Stephen Downs, founder of Digital Health Solutions LLC.

According to Physicians, they reported counselling 61percent of those cases and referred families to a neurologist in 16 percent of those cases. Among 11 percent of the cases, they counselled on medication adherence.

Digital health Solutions LLC was incorporated by Stephen Downs.