Turkey Mission: SpaceX Eyes to...


Turkey Mission: SpaceX Eyes to Launch First Turkish-Built Satellite

Turkey Mission: SpaceX Eyes to Launch First Turkish-Built Satellite
The Silicon Review
10 May, 2019

SpaceX is eyeing to launch Turkey's first nationally-built satellite; reports were confirmed by officials from Turksat. The announcement was made public on Tuesday. Currently, Turksat has two missions to launch satellites under its belt, with another launch coming up in 2020, people familiar with the matter said. Turksat is a Turkish company specializes in satellite development.

During an event called Satellite Conference 2019 in the USA, Cenk Sen, GM of Turksat said that the experience will be good for the company too. The move will open doors for the company to launch upcoming projects. Therefore, it will be an opportunity for both companies.

SpaceX is among the contenders for launching the first nationally-built satellite- 6A2, which is very important for Turkey. SpaceX is happy to work with the Turkish company and has planned to use the Starship rocket to launch Turkey’s first nationally-built satellite.

SpaceX will kick off with Falcon Heavy missions and does great work there and then possibly move on to the next vehicle. And actually, Starship might work for the next Turksat project, Reports by Anadolu Agency, a Turkish news agency suggested.

SpaceX is currently developing Starship. It is a reusable spacecraft with plans to transport human beings to the red planet.

In the case of SpaceX, they are also excited to work with the Turkish company.

Earlier, the American company launched the world’s most powerful rocket- Falcon Heavy into space.