IKEA is designing customized accessories for gamers

IKEA is designing customized accessories for gamers
The Siliconreview
06 June, 2019

IKEA, a world leader in home furnishings is launching a line of accessories for gamers. Even though this is a completely different territory for the company, it makes sense as IKEA always brings home and life accessories that intend to make peoples’ day-to-day life smoother. Called Uppkoppla(Swedish for ‘Online’), the gaming accessories, which include a wrist-support, a mouse bungee (for wire-management), and a series of textured key-caps for better grip and more intuitive gaming, is meant to provide custom-made fit for gamers, including those with mobility issues.

The company has partnered with UNYQ, manufacturers of prosthetic and orthotic devices and Area Academy, an e-sports company that runs programs and educational courses for the same to create a line of accessories for gamers.

UNYQ specializes in 3D scanning technology and this can be used by IKEA to design custom-made 3D-printed products with personal fits. At IKEA’s annual product conference, the company unveiled the first prototypes and an app to measure biometrics.

“Gamers spend a large portion of their time online, sitting for hours on end, which can lead to the massive physical strain on the body,” said UNYQ’s spokesperson.

The idea is that tailor-made gaming accessories, designed to fit every body size perfectly, will be more ergonomic and aim toreduce strain. The three firms working on the same hope that they can apply their knowledge to create more accessible products for gamers with physical deformities in the future.

The Uppkoppla line will come in the market in 2020.