Dream of flying Above Traffic Jams Will Now Be A Reality

Dream of flying Above Traffic Jams Will Now Be A Reality
The Siliconreview
21 August, 2019

The United States of America is all set to release its new innovation ‘autonomous vehicles’ to the market by the year 2030. Recent reports stated that the vehicles are being tested by the American Transport Officers and it will be approved at the earliest if there are no flaws found in the system.

The air taxis are being developed by various companies such as Planemakers, Airbus SE, Boeing Co. Uber Technologies Inc., and Embraer SA. The air taxi was first tested in the year 2018 by Uber Technologies Inc. and it was successful. Since then many companies from countries like Germany, India, Singapore, and Malaysia have invested in this mega project.

The air taxi which is currently designed can hold half a dozen people. Now the US Government is trying to increase the size of air taxis, and also to increase its engine capability which is powered by eVTOLs for electrical takeoff and landing.

This mode of transport will not only help to overcome traffic issues but also will help them to travel faster to the destination.  Traveling by air is relatively safer when compared to other modes and also reduces the risk of an accident.

This move by the US government is a path-breaking move that will bring about a revolution in the field of artificial intelligence and next-generation technology.