Defined perimeter in DBMS mitigates common security threats

Defined perimeter in DBMS mitigates common security threats
The Siliconreview
14 October, 2019

All new paradigms for remote access called Software-Defined Perimeters (SDPs) have taken a new zero-trust approach to remote access which replaces broad network access with identity-based access to important IT resources in the field of Data-Based Management System (DBMS). Along the way, the newly developed DBMS protects enterprises from a wide range of threats and hacking techniques that criminals leverage to attack the enterprise network.

Hackers mainly use port scanning to locate any open port on a network that can be exploited for an attack. The two major concerns related to port scanning that security administrators are security and stability issues associated with open ports and the program responsible for delivering the serviceand the security and stability problems associated with the operating system that is running on the host through either open or closed ports.

Since the DBMS solutions isolate all network resources from the internet, hackers cannot take advantage of this technique to find a way in. the DBMS will immediately detect access attempts and delivers an end to end protection.

This new technology will prevent the data breaching and also acts as anti-virus and prevents the data from cyber-attacks, and also restricts access from the enterprise network and the internet and adds adaptive controls to reduce risk. It also resolves security threats that generally arise.