Endpoint security must receive high priority from leaders to subdue breaches

Endpoint security must receive high priority from leaders to subdue breaches
The Siliconreview
28 October, 2019

In recent times cybercriminals are attacking endpoints with bots, AI, and machine learning. This is gradually gaining momentum, and it doesn’t seem like slowing down into 2020. Cyberattacks are becoming highly complex to subdue, and this makes cybersecurity goal a must-have for the next year. Cyber preps are using unstructured and structured ML algorithms to gain access to the organization through the endpoint. As a response to endpoint attacks, security providers are making use of ML-based response and detection systems to provide scalable cloud-native solutions for a broader range of endpoints. To be more effective at endpoint hardening, compliance reporting, and attack detection and response, an organization must include endpoint security in its cybersecurity plans.

 Leaders must have a stronghold on their data in endpoint security strategies to create contextual intelligence. When a leader has set less priority to endpoint security, then the failure of the security solution becomes inevitable. Uneven security coverage and compliance risks can be avoided by setting an equal requirement for every endpoint device. An integrated approach to endpoint security will prevent breach attempts in real-time, and this will also provide great visibility on threats. Deploying multiple endpoint security solutions might create conflicts, so the improvisation of endpoint security must be the top goal for enterprises.