Galileo Digital new xStor storage solutions will provide 1 petabyte of storage

Galileo Digital new xStor storage solutions will provide 1 petabyte of storage
The Siliconreview
15 November, 2019

Galileo Digital, a California-based company that is known to be a global distributor for Lasergraphics motion picture film scanners and xStor storage solutions, recently made an announcement that a 1PB (petabyte) storage solution priced at $99,995 was made available by the company. The new turnkey is integrated with software from axel ai, Inc., and it is expected to be a breakthrough in the industry where petabyte storage costs hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. Currently, the video production industry is skyrocketing, and due to an increase in resolution, there is a need to have more storage. The new xStor systems are excellent in reliability and performance, along with aggressive pricing, this system is the only hard-disk based storage system that is optimized and tested to be used with Lasergraphics film scanners.

Axle ai’s 'radically simple' video search software includes a 1U application server running a 5-user version. The xStor Smart Petabyte includes 10 Gigabit/second and 1 Gigabit/second network interfaces, one petabyte of enterprise disk-based storage, filesystem and object storage protocol access, and video search application. An optional software module includes object recognition, face recognition, and AI-driven speech transcription. Steve Klenk, CEO of Galileo Digital, stated that due to increased demand for xStor, they combined object protocol and filesystem along with increasing the storage significantly.