Fitbit unleashes its all-new blood oxygen tracking on its wearables

Fitbit unleashes its all-new blood oxygen tracking on its wearables
The Siliconreview
16 January, 2020

Fitbit one of the trusted electronic wearable brand is launching a brand new oxygen tracking wearables. The device has a blood oxygen monitoring system with hardware named SpO2. The company is the first of its kind to launch a device which has a system that can measure people’s blood oxygen level. This device will be a great boon to those who have issues like asthma, heart disease, and sleep apnea.

The company in a recent press meet stated that the device uses a combination of red and infrared sensors which will determine the oxygen variation relatively. The device will be having a scan watch that will be a central feature. This device from Fitbit could change technology, especially in the health care sector.

The firm is working on the SpO2 sensors, as it is trying to convert the sensor into a wearable one. It is also preparing gauze which will help in sensing the pressure of blood without much manipulation and also will help the patients to know their health conditions. For instance, if a person is suffering from heart disease, the blood oxygen level will be very less. This can be immediately sensed by the device and can prevent serious outcomes by alerting the patient. This tool is determined to glean more health sights.