The End of Windows 7 is the Real End of the PC Era

The End of Windows 7 is the Real End of the PC Era
The Siliconreview
13 January, 2020

From January 15 2020, Windows 7 goes fully out of support meaning no more bug fixes or updates for the people who are still using the operating system that was launched in 2009. The success of Windows 7 was a high mark for the PC and Windows. It has been very loved by Pc users and admins in the last decade. It had plenty of staying power. Windows 7 users largely ignored the Windows 8 update when it was released and only moved to Windows 10 as old hardware gave up.

Even though the fixes and support for Windows 7 will no longer be released, the fans have proven to be stubborn. Plenty of customers are still hanging on to their favourite.

It has been estimated that there are a whopping 1.2 billion Windows PC users in the world and a billion (approx.) run Windows 10 and the rest never switched from Windows 7.

The end of the Windows 7 era also marks the end of the PC era. When Windows 7 was launched the iPhone and App Store were around but were novelties and the iPad had not arrived yet. Any kind of work outside for making calls or sending messages required a PC. Now, just a decade later, it is a very different picture. PC sales have declined over the last decade with only large businesses needing to buy PCs for their operations.